Jolie Beauty Second Skin Blusher Review

I’m trying out Jolie Beauty Second Skin Powder Blusher and Bronzer. Autumn may be here, and that summer glow may be fading from your face. However, you can keep it sun-kissed and healthy with Jolie Beauty makeup.

Jolie Beauty – cruelty free blusher and vegan bronzer

Burnout – The biggest health threat to our generation

Burnout is fast becoming one of the biggest health threats to our generation (aside from COVID19 of course). When we are burned out, our instinct is not to speak up because we don’t want to compromise how others see us. You believe the lie, that you are at fault, so what do we do? Fight back with this 9 to 5 survival guide.

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Parental discretion is advised

If you visit a pub or family restaurant during school holidays or during the day on weekends, you may see some ‘unruly’ child behaviour. It stresses out other parents who are trying to keep their children from following suit. It also continues to be a burden to pub operators who are just trying to get through the working day.

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