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Labelled as the ‘anytime perk-me-up’ they are for puffiness, fatigue and dryness. The ‘fast fix’ uses caffeine and hydrolysed collagen to give you a ‘you just woke up like this’ look. 


Love yourself in a bikini

Katrina - Real Girls Wobble | Blogger

How do you find contentment on the beach? Deep down we know people are not really looking at you, and they are not judging us for our size and how many love handles we may or may not have, but we all have that ‘moment’ before we go away about being seen in a bikini. Here are some of my tips on how you can love yourself in a bikini.

I have seen many reviews of the Birchbox and they are always saying very fluffy things, singing the products praises and which I do not feel are very real. Some of the products are amazing and some are not. So, here’s my honest review of what I received this month…