The fear for the future with extended furlough

Sorry for the doom and gloom. Although I do love a whinge, I do try to remain positive, but I fear for the future even after furlough. I am one of the lucky ones, and my company has joined the Extended Furlough scheme, which will continue until spring. However, elsewhere in the hospitality industry, it not so fortunate.

Bydd GaredigBe Kind. Do you know someone who works in a hotel, restaurant, museum or tourist attraction?

My work from home playlists

Most of the UK is working from home since Coronavirus has hit. It also means we are learning how to work from home. Let’s face it, it is completely different from being in the office. There are various distractions – housework, being near the fridge, children and partners.

According to the latest research, music at work can be a serious productivity booster. In fact, listening to music whilst working boosts productivity by 15%. For example, proof-readers complete their tasks 20% faster when they listen to dance music. However, we’re urged to start off slow, pick off a track that matches what you’re feeling, and gradually alter the songs to build up to the power ballad. 

Anyone else sing into their stationary like it’s a microphone? 🎤

Supporting the We Make Events Campaign

The events industry creates millions of memories, millions of stories – stories that are told, and retold to friends and families around the world. The events industry is in jeopardy, and thousands of professionals, entertainers and artists are struggling to make ends meet or are in fear of paying bills when furlough ends.

Tips for the overworked professional

Are you suffering from job burnout? Lockdown has made some of us work harder than ever. I am currently working 16-hours on flexible furlough. I am finding that I’m trying to fit what I would usually do in 40 hours into this time. You may also be a working professional, managing the running of a house and chasing the kids around too. Here are some of my relaxation tips to help get your mind refocused and off work.