Save the Northern Meadow!

The Northern Meadow in Whitchurch, Cardiff will be lost if the new £180 million Velindre Cancer Centre build goes ahead. The impact will see the loss to local wildlife and habitat destruction, and a significant increase in traffic and air pollution.

Northern Meadow, Whitchurch, Cardiff. Entrance just behind Asda Coryton and McDonalds. Sign says, "soon this meadow will be gone forever". Save the northern meadow
Soon this meadow will be gone forever…

Where I stand on Black Lives Matter

I can’t tell you how many times I have re-written this piece. I didn’t know if I should even write it? Does it look like I’m jumping on the bandwagon? All of these ridiculous thoughts have gone through my head. Of course, I know keeping silent is why things have gone so wrong, for so long.

Photo by Kelly Lacy on

Wales’ Only Thermal Spring in Taffs Well

Did you know that Wales’s only thermal spring is in Taffs Well? Neither did I, and I’ve lived in Cardiff all of my life! I have lived and worked nearby for a long time, and did not know of its existence. It was once a busy tourist hotspot, and now it is nearly forgotten. Can we get Taffs Well’s thermal spring back on the must-see map?

Taffs Well Park
The information sign is impossible to see if you are driving from Cardiff. Driving from Nantgarw the sign is visible (just), but not being a brown tourist sign not many people would think to stop and explore.

Letter to the Unknown Soldier

Earlier this year, whilst doing some housekeeping on my Ancestry subscription (yes, I’m a massive family history geek!), I discovered a letter I wrote in 2014 to the Unknown Soldier project.  It was published on 14-18 Now on 6th August 2014. Even though it was written about World War One, I feel it is relevant as we approach the 75th anniversary of VE Day, the end of the Second World War in Europe. It was an emotional re-read for me…

Cardiff 1915
The old Locomotive Inn at the corner of Broadway and Nora Street in 1912, a 5-minute walk from your home