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Firstly, I’m a Hospitality Marketing Manager. So, it is my job to stay on top of the latest updates, trends and innovations in the food and drink industry. Secondly, think of me as your food and drink insider. Food and drink is more than just fuel for our bodies. It brings us together, whether it be a coffee and cake with friends, that first date dinner or family celebrations. Thirdly and most importantly, our lives revolve around food and drink.

Bottoms Up!

There’s always something new in the beverage industry. The last couple of years has seen a difference in how we drink, with the increase of no-alcoholic options, the rise of gin, and how trading has changed in the COVID-19 era.

Hello Wine Lovers! It’s National Rosé Day

Rosé is probably the oldest known type of wine, dating back as far as 600 BC. So, what’s your favourite glass of pink?

Friendly Warning: Parental discretion is advised

But does unruly behaviour of children put you off going to the pub? Some establishments are clamping down.

The benefits of going to the pub post COVID-19

So, after months of lockdown, we no longer need our arms to be twisted to have an alcoholic drink

Get Crafty

After years of persistence from brewers and fans alike, the phrase ‘craft beer’ has taken root. But what makes a craft beer?

Is rum the new gin?

Because rums have gained popularity over the past few years with more variants being available. But, what’s their appeal?

The gin to my tonic

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years, chances are you will have noticed that Gin is very much in style.

The future is looking rosé

So, in a sea of endless new gins, cocktails and premium ciders, but it is clear to see that the trend has gone pink.

Are wet led pubs on the rise?

Pubs have become food-led establishments. So, have the tides turned, and are wet-led pubs back on the rise?

So, what will we be drinking in 2020?

But what should you watch out for in 2020? So, brands are working harder to establish real connections with customers.

Grab a fork, and dig in!

Food glorious food. So, there’s always something new in the world of food. Moreover, these include new ways to cook, curious ingredients, and the way we shop. But how does the restaurant industry adapt?

No! No! No! to hospitality this Christmas

So, the news earlier this week enforcing further restrictions this December for hospitality is unsettling.

A brief history of Welsh Rarebit

But Welsh Rarebit or Caws Pobi in Welsh, is simple. But it is a very popular dish since 1500’s.

BakedIn Baking Club Review. Lemon and Blueberry Biscotti

BakedIn Baking Club Review

I love baking but often lack the inspiration to try new recipes or those out of my comfort zone. So, what do I think of BakedIn?

I’m a Foodie, let’s eat!

Just because you like to eat doesn’t make you a foodie. But a foodie can give you restaurant recommendations, and let you know which ones are independent using local ingredients. A food connoisseur can tell if the food is fresh or has been reheated, and doesn’t need a waiter to explain the items on the menu. Moreover, a foodie should also be able to cook, knowing what ingredients go together, and what drinks to pair with food.

My recipes; cook with me

So, my passion is cooking. Moreover, I’m a cook from scratch advocate. Because of this all of my recipes are easy to make.

My Slimming World journey

Firstly, I’m changing the way I eat. So, I’m following the Slimming World plan. Because it fits perfectly into my lifestyle.

Food and drink in Cardiff

So, Cardiff is a foodies delight. Because you can indulge in quality produce and high levels of cooking.

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