Paprika chicken tagliatelle

Want something full of flavour, is filling and takes 30 minutes? My paprika chicken tagliatelle recipe hits the spot. This is one of those dishes that you never want to end and could have for dinner every day. It’s hearty, but an easy chicken recipe that the whole family will love! 

Slow cooker sweet and sour chicken

Want an indulgent takeaway that you can make at home, that tastes just as good? My slow cooker sweet and sour chicken recipe is healthy and incredibly easy to make. This fakeaway recipe will allow you to toss all the ingredients into your slow cooker, forget about it for a few hours, and return with delight to find your dinner prepared.

A Brief History of Welsh Rarebit

Welsh rarebit is a simple but very popular dish of toasted bread covered in a cheese sauce or melted cheese, mixed with mustard, spices or ale, and has been popular since the 1500s under the name of ‘caws pobi’, which is Welsh for toasted cheese. I love rarebit! Be sure to check out my easy Welsh Rarebit recipe too:

Cardiff Summer Menu 2019 Rarebit
Welsh rarebit on homemade bread and served with a rhubarb compote. Photograph was taken for Thomas Restaurant at Future Inn Cardiff’s summer 2019 Taste of Wales Menu

Healthy apple and raspberry muffins

Light and fluffy, these apple and raspberry breakfast muffins are ideal for keeping mid-morning hunger pangs at bay. They are also a healthy alternative to calorific cakes. You can expect a pop of sweetness from the apple and raspberries, as well as a delicate crunch from the porridge oats sprinkled across the top.