Win a Slimming World Survival Kit

January is a popular time of year for us to go on a diet. Like many Slimming World members, I prefer to look at it as a change of lifestyle and make healthy changes that will continue for life. If you are back on the plan or joining the Slimming World family, I have put together a survival kit that you can win to kick start the year.

30 reasons why having big boobs is a struggle

I get it all the time, “I don’t know what you’re moaning about, I’d love to have big boobs.” Trust me, if you carried them around all day and all night, you’d understand. Having large breasts is both a gift and a curse. Here are 30 reasons why having big boobs is a daily struggle.

I took this picture back in February, when getting ready to go out for Valentine’s Day. My 36G actually looks small in this photograph.

Stepping Up for Dementia – I’ve Completed April

In April, I told you about the 3-month challenge I had set myself; taking 850,000 steps for the Alzheimer’s Society. Stepping Up for Dementia has been a real motivation during lockdown, getting me moving – more than ever before – and something positive to concentrate on during these unprecedented times.

Flowers of Taffs Well 2
On my walks, I have been enjoying the spring blooms

Stepping Up for Dementia

I’m not one for a challenge, not a physical one anyway. Rarely you’ll see me taking part in a run, obstacle course or anything super energetic. I am not a naturally gifted person when it comes to sport, and more recently, there have been physical complications to deal with. However, I will be walking 850,000 steps in the next 3 months for Alzheimer’s Society. This is going to be a massive challenge for me, see why:

At the top of Garth Moutain
Very pink and ‘glowing’ after an extremely hot walk up Garth Mountain in Gwaelod Y Garth close to my home in Cardiff.