Stepping Up for Dementia – I’ve Completed April

In April, I told you about the 3-month challenge I had set myself; taking 850,000 steps for the Alzheimer’s Society. Stepping Up for Dementia has been a real motivation during lockdown, getting me moving – more than ever before – and something positive to concentrate on during these unprecedented times.

Flowers of Taffs Well 2
On my walks, I have been enjoying the spring blooms

Stepping Up for Dementia

I’m not one for a challenge, not a physical one anyway. Rarely you’ll see me taking part in a run, obstacle course or anything super energetic. I am not a naturally gifted person when it comes to sport, and more recently, there have been physical complications to deal with. However, I will be walking 850,000 steps in the next 3 months for Alzheimer’s Society. This is going to be a massive challenge for me, see why:

At the top of Garth Moutain
Very pink and ‘glowing’ after an extremely hot walk up Garth Mountain in Gwaelod Y Garth close to my home in Cardiff.

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