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I’ve been shortlisted in 4 different categories at the House 21 Blogger Awards. When I started my blog, I never intended to get any type of recognition for it. But here we are, and I’m over the moon! Find out more…


Event Organisers Day

Katrina - Real Girls Wobble | Blogger

Every year on the 23rd of October, the events profession is celebrated. I wanted to use the opportunity to highlight some of the fantastic events that are being run for bloggers, creators and entrepreneurs in Cardiff and the South Wales area. 

People say they want to be happy. But then, what do they do? They allow negativity, worry, and unpleasantness to enter their day-to-day experiences. The truth is that people do want to be happy at home, and they want to be satisfied at work, but most of the time we are involved with day-to-day tasks, and it takes courage and effort to feel happy.