The fear for the future with extended furlough

Sorry for the doom and gloom. Although I do love a whinge, I do try to remain positive, but I fear for the future even after furlough. I am one of the lucky ones, and my company has joined the Extended Furlough scheme, which will continue until spring. However, elsewhere in the hospitality industry, it not so fortunate.

Bydd GaredigBe Kind. Do you know someone who works in a hotel, restaurant, museum or tourist attraction?

Supporting the We Make Events Campaign

The events industry creates millions of memories, millions of stories – stories that are told, and retold to friends and families around the world. The events industry is in jeopardy, and thousands of professionals, entertainers and artists are struggling to make ends meet or are in fear of paying bills when furlough ends.

7 things successful women are thinking

By tapping into positive patterns that work for others, can help you achieve your goals. Like many during this lockdown period, we have been educating ourselves with online seminars and encouraging our creativity, to keep our minds ticking over and becoming our better selves. I have noticed a trend in the things mentioned, and have compiled a list of seven things successful women are thinking, doing and saying.

woman wearing white t shirt and blue denim bottoms
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World Radio Day

The 13th February is World Radio Day. It is a day where people around the world celebrate radio and how it shapes their lives.

Radio was a big part of my life for nine years.  My first ‘real’ job (and you will get the pun shortly) was working in radio.  At age 16 I did work experience in the promotional crew, and by age 18 had a full-time job at Real Radio Wales, part of the Guardian Media Group.

I am sat on the floor next to a good friend Ellie (I may or may not be a bit tipsy), celebrating becoming Station of the Year 2007 and my team were thrilled to be announced as Group Team of the Year. I can name everyone in this photo too!