My work from home playlists

Most of the UK is working from home since Coronavirus has hit. It also means we are learning how to work from home. Let’s face it, it is completely different from being in the office. There are various distractions – housework, being near the fridge, children and partners.

According to the latest research, music at work can be a serious productivity booster. In fact, listening to music whilst working boosts productivity by 15%. For example, proof-readers complete their tasks 20% faster when they listen to dance music. However, we’re urged to start off slow, pick off a track that matches what you’re feeling, and gradually alter the songs to build up to the power ballad. 

Anyone else sing into their stationary like it’s a microphone? 🎤

Currently, I’m only working 16 hours from home. I am missing the hum of the open office space. I have no colleagues walking past my desk, no keys tapping from their computers, no phones ringing, and worst of all, no interaction. That’s no conversation, office jokes or even tea rounds. To help break the silence, or the monotony, I thought I’d share my work from home playlists, that help my concentration and productivity. There’s music for different moods, from relaxing the mind to getting pumped up.

Classical music

Unlike some of my other playlists, I haven’t listed my favourite songs. Why? I have no idea which composer is which! Occasionally, I’ll recognise the greats. Listening to classical music has both mental and physical benefits and can contribute to productivity.

At Northumbria University, a research team performed some experiments on students’ brain functioning when doing tests. At the same time, they listened to Vivaldi’s Spring concerto. They were answering faster and better than when they heard the sadder Autumn concerto. The conclusion was that brain activity is improved when listening to pleasant and arousing stimuli. If you want to refresh your memory on the uplifting Vivaldi Spring concerto, you can listen to it here:

Instrumental Pop 

I have to thank Melanie from House 21 for this suggestion. She likes to listen to instrumental contemporary pop hits and rock classics when working. This is a playlist I’ll put on when I need to do a lot of reading, or I need to concentrate. You do not get distracted by the words, but sometimes you’ll catch yourself humming along.

Musical theatre and soundtracks

The last theatre performance I got to see live was Six The Musical at the Wales Millennium Centre. I’ve always loved learning about The Tudors, and the show lets the six wives of Henry VIII tell their side of the story. I love listening to the soundtrack at home, and it is often on repeat. Tell me this doesn’t get you excited?

I’m not the only one, Beauty Addict 32, also loves them – saying she can sing along and keep her motivated at the task in hand. Whereas Rhee_Feehan likes to listen to the Dr Who soundtracks when working.


Sometimes you just want to turn the music up loud and sing at the top of your voice. Even though the Welsh are known to be singers, I can’t keep a tune. However, now and again I like to pretend I that I can.

  1. Harder to Breathe – Maroon 5
  2. Changes – 2Pac
  3. Cry Me a River – Justin Timberlake
  4. Queen of the Night – Whitney Houston
  5. Gotta Get Through This – Daniel Bedingfield
  6. Next Episode – Dr Dre
  7. Addicted to Bass – Puretone
  8. Countdown – Beyonce
  9. Drinking from the Bottle – Calvin Harris feat. Tinie Tempah
  10. Flavour of the Old School – Beverley Knight


My teenage years were in the late 90’s. I turned 16 in 2000, meaning my youth was dominated by boybands. Here are some of my favourites – which I am not ashamed of! My “most played” playlist is so random, you don’t even need to put it on shuffle.

  1. Bye Bye Bye – N*Sync
  2. When You’re Looking Like That – Westlife
  3. All or Nothing – O Town
  4. Same Old Brand New You – A1
  5. Bodyshakin’ – 911
  6. Love II Love – Damage
  7. Fly By – Blue
  8. Everybody Get Up – 5ive
  9. The Call – Backstreet Boys                                                                      
  10. Never Forget – Take That

If you only have a few minutes, I’d urge you to watch this Boybands Vs Girlbands mashup. It features songs by Hanson, All Saints, All 4 Nothing, Destiny’s Child, Jonas Brothers, Britany Spears, One Direction, The Pussycat Dolls and The Wanted – and that’s only a handful.

Upbeat songs

If you haven’t worked it out already, I have an eclectic music sense. These upbeat songs lift my mood. Research has shown when you listen to songs that excite you, it triggers a release of dopamine to the brain. And if you don’t know, dopamine is a naturally occurring happy chemical we receive as part of a reward system.

  1. Shut Up and Dance – Walk the Moon
  2. Demons – Imagine Dragon
  3. It’s a Beautiful Day – Michael Bublé
  4. Take me back to London – Stormzy and Ed Sheeran
  5. Power – Little Mix
  6. High Hopes – Panic at the Disco
  7. Sweet But Psysco – Ava Max
  8. Blinding Lights – The Weeknd
  9. New Rules – Dua Lipa
  10. We Found Love – Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris

Bonus track:

Massive thank you to Lucy Mary who suggested House Party by Anja Kotar to me. I don’t know how this song hasn’t blown up yet, it has such a good vibe – sway your hips and dance along to this one!

How do you listen to your work from home playlist?

{Affiliate} I listen to my music on an Amazon Echo Dot. These are so handy! As it is in my kitchen, I ask Alexa to set timers when I am cooking, play my Audible books, get the news, tell me jokes, check my FitBit stats, as well as playing my required playlist. It also saves my phone battery from running down or having yet another tab open on my laptop. You can choose from the hundreds of playlists Amazon Music have created or build your own.

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