Motivational Speeches by women to get you inspired

A motivational speech can come from anywhere or anyone, but usually, it has a specific audience in mind. These speeches are designed to change the listener’s outlook.

Women have always had to fight to be heard. To be taken seriously. For equality.

If you Google history’s most powerful speeches, you’ll see a lot of glaringly testosterone-heavy lists. This makes sense, haven’t we been told to be seen and not heard for generations? However, women’s words can shake the world.

I have put together a list of speeches, from wise women, that have made an impact on me.

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Have you heard the one about the marketing blogger?

Laughter really is the best medicine! I have put together some of the best jokes and one liners which marketers and bloggers are going to love, and hopefully put a smile on your face. Whether your marketing workflow consists of social media, content creation, SEO, event planning, or all of the above, these are the jokes for you!

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Tips for the overworked professional

Are you suffering from job burnout? Lockdown has made some of us work harder than ever. I am currently working 16-hours on flexible furlough. I am finding that I’m trying to fit what I would usually do in 40 hours into this time. You may also be a working professional, managing the running of a house and chasing the kids around too. Here are some of my relaxation tips to help get your mind refocused and off work.