Have you heard the one about the marketing blogger?

Laughter really is the best medicine! I have put together some of the best jokes and one liners which marketers and bloggers are going to love, and hopefully put a smile on your face. Whether your marketing workflow consists of social media, content creation, SEO, event planning, or all of the above, these are the jokes for you!

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I read an article this week that said humour does more than just relieve stress. It can actually make marketers better at their jobs. Scientific studies show that humour and laughter lead to more inspiration and creativity. In fact, one of the studies showed people are more creative at solving word association puzzles after watching a comedy versus a scary movie.

Marketing Jokes

1. What kind of marketing does Dracula do?

A-COUNT-based marketing

2. How did the bad marketer get a job making butter?

He had a high churn rate

3. Did you hear about the new strategy where companies collaborate with ill celebrities?

It’s called influenza marketing. It’s really going viral.

4. Why can’t marketers see live musicals?

They keep trying to capture the leads

5. Why did the marketer break up with her boyfriend?

Lack of engagement

6. Why wasn’t the candidate hired for the marketing job?

He was anti-social

7. What’s a marketer’s favourite drink?


8. What’s the best way to market cat food?

Develop buyer purr-sonas

9. Why’d the ghost’s marketing campaign fail?

You could see right through it

10. Why did the marketer get fired as a film director?

Weak calls to action

11. How many marketers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

None – they’ve automated it

12. Why did the marketer burn their initials into a leather jacket?

They were working on their personal brand

13. Did you hear about the email marketer who started an ape breeding business?

They failed because all they had were MailChimps

14. Why did the Marketer write a text in capital letters?

Because he left KPIs locks on

15. What do a therapist and GDPR have in common?

They both care about your privacy

Digital Marketing Jokes

1. How do SEO experts celebrated improved search rankings?

SERP-rise parties

2. Why do digital marketers love to shop at Whole Foods?

They have a lot of organic content

3. What do you call a travel agency’s landing page?

A destination URL

4. Why don’t marketer’s like trampolines?

They’re scared of the high bounce rates

5. Knock, knock! Whos’ there?

Our new e-book. Our new e-book who?

We only ask that you fill out the following 14 fields for a free copy of this punchline

6. Why do taxi drivers make good content marketers?

They can really drive in traffic

7. What is the safest place to hide a body?

The second page of Google

8. Why didn’t the marketing couple get married?

They weren’t on the same landing page

9. Why did the Cookie Monster apply for a marketing job?

He heard they were tracking cookies

10. What’s a pirates favourite type of content?

A webinAAARRRR! Preferably one that’s B2Sea.

11. An SEO marketer walks into a bar, bars, tavern, pub, public house, Irish pub, wine bar, bartender, drink, drinks, alcohol, liquor, beer, Prosecco…

12. Why did the junior marketer get into display advertising?

They wanted to make a lasting impression

13. What do hippies and SEOs have in common?

A love for anything organic

14. Why do content marketers constantly feel cold?

They’re surrounded by drafts

15. What’s the best way to build a comprehensive keyword list?

Add words

16. A stock photo walks into a bar, and the patrons start pointing and giggling. She looks at the bartender and says, “Why’s everyone staring?” The bartender says…

It’s because your ALT tag is showing

17. What movie features a marketer stuck on a deserted island?

Web-Cast Away

18. Why did the marketer get fired as a tap dancer?

They wanted to get paid per click

19. Knock, knock! Who’s there?

Remarketing! Remarketing, who?

Knock, knock! Who’s there?


20. Did you hear about the marketer who imitates celebrities?

He’s quite the bargain. He only charges per thousand impressions

Social Media & Influencer Jokes

1. Why was the social media marketer out of the office?

They went to a company retweet

2. What is a social media marketer’s favourite snack?

Insta-graham crackers

3. How much does a hipster weigh?

An insta-gram

4. I made a joke about organic reach on Facebook… nobody got it.

5. I nicknamed my cat “The Vast Majority of Social Media,” because he doesn’t like me, follow me, or share anything.

6. And I nicknamed my dog “Number of Twitter Followers,” because he doesn’t pay the bills but he makes me feel important.

7. I’ve lined up Scooby-Doo, Welard, and Lassie for my latest eBook. I call it influencer barketing. We don’t have signed contracts, but we shook on it.

8. I’m trying to get in shape, so every time I schedule a post on social media, I do ten push-ups. I’m already getting Buffer.

9. A social media marketer lost their job and went to work on a farm. They worked hard, but had one weird quirk: every morning, they would do a belly flop into the hog trough! After a few days, the farmer had enough.

“You city folks sure are strange,” the farmer said. “Why are you always floppin’ headfirst into the pig slop?”

“Sorry, force of habit,” the social media marketer replied. “I’m trying to make an impression in your feed.”

10. It’s ok not to have that many followers. Your just practising social media distancing.

11. Why did the lawyer switch her career to Demand Generation?

She was big on influencer marketing

12. What is Mr Frog’s favourite social media platform?


13. What’s Forrest Gump’s social media password?


14. What do you call a reptile that starts fights over social media?

An InstaGator

15. How can you spot the losers in a social media war?

They’re the ones yelling, “Retweet! Retweet!!”

Blogger Jokes

1. What do you call a cow with a blog post stamped on its skin?

Branded content!

2. I’m doing content marketing for a cheese company. We’re creating blog posts and a few grated assets.

3. I have nothing to say

You should blog about it

4. What can sink a link building campaign?

Anchor text

5. Why do bloggers love driving in rush hour?

They appreciate the traffic

6. What does a blumberjack cut trees into?


7. What did the hippie blogger yell at the rally for writers’ rights?

Write on!

8. As a blogger, it’s best to avoid beer. Sometimes that first draft can get in the way of your novel ideas.

9. I once got a job blogging for this French recipe site. I had to quit, because it gave me the crepes.

10. As a blogger, I constantly feel cold, probably because I’m surrounded by so many drafts.

11. I once wrote a blog about a 4-foot-tall fortune-teller who escaped from prison. It was titled “Small Medium at Large.”

12. I was writing a blog one day about how lightning works. I was having trouble coming up with an ending, and then it struck me.

13. I just read a blog about anti-gravity, and I’m telling you, it’s impossible to put down.

14. The blog on shoe repair knows just how to heel you, save your sole, and will even dye for you.

15. The baker who made donuts decided to close down his blog after he got sick of the hole thing.

Wasn’t that fun? Stupid, yes. But fun, nonetheless!!

I hope these marketing jokes have brightened your day. While the content of this post does absolutely nothing for SEO, I thought it was a good idea to do anyway. Why? Because it’s fun and real human beings may like reading it as much as I liked writing it.

If you know any marketing jokes that I’ve missed, please feel free to put them in the comments section.

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