Let’s talk about WUKA Period Pants

Ad | For my periods, I have been using sanitary pads and tampons for nearly 20 years. I think we become creatures of habits, and as we get older, just go through the motions, using what you know works to keep you as clean and as comfortable as possible. When the opportunity to review WUKA period pants arose, I was both cynical and intrigued to try them out.

When your red flower blooms, what period protection will you reach for?

I know a moon cup is not for me, I don’t even have to try it to know that. I think it’s the idea of pouring the blood down the loo and cleaning it afterwards. I have been buying eco-friendly tampons from Dame, after finding out how many toxins were in the high street brands, alongside plastic, bleach and of course the environmental factors. 

Period pants, do they work?

Before trying the WUKA Period Pants, I had some concerns; Would I feel clean? Will they smell? Will I leak? Would they put blood on all of my other clothes when I put them in the washing machine? Would it feel like I was wearing a nappy?

When I opened the box, they really surprised me. The material is soft and is only slightly thicker than regular knickers. This increased my worry that they would not be able to protect me from seepage throughout the day. 

I decided to try them out by wearing them overnight. During my time of the month, I don’t tend to sleep as well, because I am conscious about getting blood on the sheets. To my complete surprise, the blood absorbed, absolutely zero leakage, and I felt dry. There was no stale blood, or nasty smell either. 

I was going to rinse them out before putting them in the machine for a quick spin, but my partner picked up the pile and put the washing machine on before I got the chance. Again, I panicked and thought I’d need to re-wash the load. I didn’t need too; all were clean and fresh. If you were to worry about it, you could purchase a wash bag as well.

Are period pants any good?

So here it is: do I recommend period pants? Yes absolutely. Not only are they comfortable, but they are also effective. It is also a more sustainable and much more of an environmentally friendly option. I honestly didn’t expect to like them as much as I did. No more sticking things in, and wiggling them around to get comfortable. I will definitely be having more carefree periods.

About the WUKA Period Pants

WUKA stands for Wake Up Kick Ass, which should be all of our mantras for life. The company began in 2017, where Ruby the co-founder combined her scientific knowledge, passion for the environment, and experiences of periods in her culture. 

What are the period pants made of?

The knickers are made of 100% organic cotton and are vegan society registered. They are also entirely PFA free – apparently, some other brands on the market aren’t. (PFA’s are manufactured chemicals, which can impact on your health.) 

What is the design like? 

The material was soft and comfortable, and the style was super flattering. I think my bum was even a little perkier. They have a light support hold too, so I felt pulled in. There was little to no VPL also.

What is the sizing like?

The WUKA period pant sizing is brilliant. You can buy your actual size, no need to go bigger. I did worry that the period pant would not cover my plus size. I’m currently a very curvy size 18-20, and according to the size guide, I would wear an XXXL. I wore an XXL, a size 16-18, and they were a little tight. Having lost a stone in lockdown, they will be much more comfortable during my next period. 

The sizing starts at an XXS, which is a 4-6, so the period pants are ideal for tweens and teenagers too. I think it will help them not to feel so self-conscious during their time of the month. There is even a starter kit available on the website, which comes with a cute bralette.

How many pairs would you need?

If you wanted to ditch all other forms of protection, you would probably need 4-6 pairs, so you could keep them in rotation. The pants can’t go in the tumble dryer, and they will take a full day to dry on the line.

How much do they cost?

A pair of medium flow pants are £19.99 each, and the period pants for a heavy flow are £24.99 each.

I’ve seen the question online; ‘why are period pants so expensive?’. I don’t think they are; I believe period pants are affordable. You’re probably spending about £10-15 a month on sanitary products. One pair of period pants will replace 100 tampons and will last around 2 years. Meaning, if you buy 6 pairs, you are still saving over £150 across the 2 years.

You can read further information on why you should consider making the change, and the cost of your period here.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your first pair of WUKA period pants are 100% satisfaction guaranteed, which means you can exchange them for another size or get a full refund within 40 days.

Where you can buy them?

You can buy WUKA Period Pants in more than 200 Sainsbury’s stores across the UK, including Thornhill in Cardiff, and online with Ocado. 

{Affiliate} You can get 10% off your purchase with my WUKA discount code WUKA-KATRINA, or on the WUKA website using this link: CLICK HERE

Disclaimer: I was gifted two pairs of WUKA period pants in exchange for my honest review. I was also provided with an affiliate link, offering you a discount on purchases you may make. In return, I will earn a small percentage from the qualifying sale (minimum spend of £23.99). These are products I genuinely recommend. I honestly didn’t expect to like them as much as I did, and will be purchasing further pairs to keep me comfortable during my next period.

4 thoughts on “Let’s talk about WUKA Period Pants

  1. Really want to try these!! I’ve been looking at more sustainable options too and it’s definitely something we all need to think about. Thank you for the review!

    Christy x


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