Ultra Sculpt – lip plumping and wrinkle reducing treatments without needles

Last year I was gifted a lip plumping procedure that takes only 10 minutes with no needles or surgery at Ultra Sculpt.  The treatment uses radio frequency, photon light therapy which plumps, hydrates and smooths out fine lines and boost natural collagen production.  I was so thrilled with the results that I had to go back and try some more of the treatments out.

If you want to make some enhancements WITHOUT the use of fillers or surgery, photon light therapy is not only affordable, it is pain-free and has instant results.  


No needles lip plumping – the second session

I cover the whole process from start to finish in my first blog Get Kardashian lips without the needles! No pain, instant results, low cost including what equipment is used and how it works.  I loved the treatment and the natural fullness it gave to my lips.  I wanted to pump up my lips a little more, so went back for a second session.  
Day to day they look very natural, but my lips do look amazing when I put my lipstick on. So much more prominent, rather than the super thin bit of colour I had before.  I could never have collagen as I do not like that fake look, so this for me is perfect – and something I highly recommend.  Get your pout on girls, it’s only £20 and can be done in your lunch break as it only takes 10 minutes!
Before, after 1st session, after 2nd session

Hooded eye treatment

This treatment lifts the hoods above the eyes, tightening the skin around them as well as brightening the skin.  Still using the Pure Lift+ machine, the cooling gel was applied, and the laser roller was moved upwards, from the eye to above the eyebrow including the corners where those crow feet are.  Again, the treatment time was short, and the results were instant.  The fine lines had been reduced, my eyes looked wider and more open.  
My bags and crows feet are noticeably reduced

Facial skin tightening

I have always had a bit of a jowl, even at my slimmest.  This treatment again uses the radio frequency to heat tissue and stimulate subdermal collagen production in order to reduce the appearance of fine lines and loose skin.  The treatment worked in the same manners as the others, the cooling gel is applied, and the attachment is rolled over the next and chin area to tighten and rejuvenate. 
Whereas with the other treatments, I was happy with the initial results, this is only one that I feel I would need to have more sessions of.  You can see the improvement, but further sessions are needed to see more of an impact.  
The lines on my chin neck are reduced, you can also see the improvement to my lips in this picture

Where is the Ultra Sculpt salon?

Ultra Sculpt can be found on Albany Road in Cardiff behind the Card Factory and opposite Peacocks.  It is on the second floor.  A warm welcome is guaranteed by Jordy and the décor is soft and inviting.  I loved the glitter staircase on the way up to the salon.  The room was impeccably clean too!

How can I find out more?

You can see a whole host of before and afters on the companies Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram.  Other treatments include cellulite reduction, age-defying light therapy facial treatment, inch loss, and skin toning to name a few.  Enquires can be sent to ultrasculptltd@gmail.com or calls to 07522 549655.  Don’t forget to let Jordy know I sent you…
Disclaimer: I was given the lip plumping experience free for my honest, unbiased review. I only work with brands that I like and think you’ll love too! I paid for the additional treatments myself.  I receive no commission or payment for any purchases you make on my recommendation. 

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