Get Kardashian lips without the needles! No pain, instant results, low cost

When Jordy the owner of Ultra Sculpt on in Cardiff approached me, I was thrilled to give the Lip Plumping procedure a try.  As I have gotten older, I have noticed fine lines appear around my lips.  If I want to wear a red or a darker colour I do need to wear a lip liner, whereas in my twenties this was not an issue.

Picture courtesy of Rodolfo Clix

What types of cosmetic and non-surgical procedures do people have?

When I started to research for this article, the sheer number of non-surgical procedures were dizzying, and it seems that new ones are added all the time.  At home treatments or having a quick filler at lunch are on the rise, as most do not want to spend two weeks off work recovering from a face lift or skin peel. People are choosing to have microplanning instead, which uses a scalpel to shave a layer of the skin cells and hair from the face for a super smooth, airbrushed effect.

The use of more intense beauty treatments such as teeth whitening and HD brows (where eyebrows are dyed, waxed and shaped) has accelerated in the last few years.  It is becoming increasingly normalised to have more done, to meet what we think are quite basic beauty standards.

Remarkably, cosmetic surgery is falling.  The generation raised on YouTube and Instagram have embraced regular surgical procedures, from Botox to cheek-fillers and lip enhancements.  Last year’s figures released by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons show that 40% drop in the number of cosmetic surgery procedures performed by its members, the lowest in nearly a decade.  This came as a surprise to me, almost on a daily basis I am seeing pictures from friends or those I follow on social media showing off their tighter foreheads, lifted bums or pumped up lips.

Do I agree with cosmetic beauty procedures?

I am conflicted about having permanent procedures done, and am nervous about the risks involved.  What is fashionable now, may not be in 10 or 20 years’ time.  What if you want to change your look?  What if it goes wrong, and you are permanently scarred or damaged in some way?

However, I do agree with having beauty treatments to make you feel better about your appearance – but only for yourself.  I do not believe you should make changes for your partner, to fit in with your friends, or because you think it should be done.  It has taken me a long time to feel confident about myself, even though I still feel inadequate at times.  I am a curvy girl that could do with losing a bit more weight, but I take pride in my appearance.  I like to look smart, have my make up on, have my hair highlighted, enjoy an occasional spa treatment and you will never see me with bare nails.  The Ultra Sculpt mission encapsulates my thoughts on this; “To help you love your body and be confident in your own skin.”

Jordy says, “Like most women I know, I’ve always struggled with liking my body and being in a constant battle with my weight.  I know what it is like to look in the mirror and not like what you see, and the fact that this is feeling is common is distressing.  So here I am, ready to help you feel good and use the results gained to boost confidence and motivate all aspects of your life.”


What is the non-surgical lip plumping treatment?

I was intrigued by the fact that the treatments offered by Ultra Sculpt are non-invasive, and are non-surgical.  They are aesthetical, which means they are more concerned with enhancing the natural beauty rather than changing it.

Plumper lips have always been desirable, and it can play a big part in the way you look.  Genetics, lifestyle and getting older can affect your skin, including your lips.  Using the Pure Lift+ machine it is a natural way to plump and define your lips, WITHOUT the use of fillers or any other type of injections.


How does the lip plumping treatment work?

The treatment uses radio frequency, photon light therapy.  The brochure says; “Using selective light wavelengths to stimulate therapeutic effects in the dermal tissues.  Treat fine lines and wrinkles, normalise the tone, soothe, cleanse and rejuvenate with gentle safe light therapy.”

It plumps, hydrates and smooths out the lips to achieve a natural fullness and a fresh, youthful look.  It also boosts the natural collagen production, tightens, volumises and reduces wrinkles.

What happens during the procedure?

You will need to fill in some medical forms before undergoing the treatment.  I hopped on the treatment bed, very much like what you find at a beauty spa and asked to purse my lips – in the fashionable duck face fashion we have come to hate on social media images.  A cooling gel is applied and the laser roller is moved in circles across your lips.

How long did it take?  What did it feel like and did it hurt?

The treatment only took 10 minutes!  It is not painful at all, which is one of the most commonly asked questions.  The laser does use heat, and can be uncomfortable if this is turned up.  I have a low pain threshold and found it bearable throughout.  Plus as the treatment time is so short, it is over before you knew it.


When will I see the results?  How long do the results last?

You see the results instantly, but can continue to develop over a few days and even up to a few weeks.  I immediately saw that my fine lines had been reduced and lips were a little fuller.  If you are looking for more of a dramatic change, a course of treatments is recommended, but you need to leave at least two weeks in-between.  The results do vary on the individual person, but can last between 3 and 6 months.  My lips are thin, but could see the difference immediately.

Are there any side effects?  Is there an aftercare routine?

My lips were tingly straight after the treatment and were number for a few hours afterwards.  They also had a more rosy tone to them.  I was able to eat and drink straight away, and even managed to steal a kiss from my boyfriend when arriving home.  There is no aftercare routine required, and my lips have not been dry, sore or cracked.

The following morning, once I’d applied my lipstick

What are the benefits of a non-surgical lip plump treatment?

  • ·        No cutting or puncturing of the skin
  • ·         No surgery required
  • ·         Minimal discomfort
  • ·         Very low risk of lumpiness in one area
  • ·         May be used on all skin types
  • ·         No downtime or recovery time

What are the disadvantages of a non-surgical lip plump treatment?

  • More subtle look instead of the dramatic change that occurs with filler
  • Several treatments are required


Where is the Ultra Sculpt salon?

Ultra Sculpt can be found on Albany Road in Cardiff behind the Card Factory and opposite Peacocks.  It is on the second floor.  A warm welcome is guaranteed by Jordy and the décor is soft and inviting.  I loved the glitter staircase on the way up to the salon.  The room was impeccably clean too!

How much is the treatment, and how can I find out more?

The treatment is an absolute bargain!  At £20 per session.  You can see a whole host of before and afters on the companies Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram.  Other treatments include cellulite reduction, age defying light therapy facial treatment, inch loss, and skin toning to name a few.  Enquires can be sent to or calls to 07522 549655.  Don’t forget to let Jordy know I sent you…

Disclaimer: I was given the lip plumping experience free for my honest, unbiased review. I only work with brands that I like and think you’ll love too! I receive no commission or payment for any purchases you make on my recommendation. 


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