How to Successfully Market Yourself | Interview with What She Blogged

Earlier this year I met Laurabeth the owner of What She Blogged at a Bloggers Meet Brands event.  We clicked immediately and had many things in common – other than blogging.  Of course, we both hail from Wales, though from opposite ends of the country and we both have a passion for marketing.  Although, she chose to go into the industry by studying a BA in Professional Writing and Media whereas I have been lucky for my career to go in that direction.


I was thrilled when she asked if she could interview me for her blog.  Now, I love to chat and I am sure many people think I actually like the sound of my own voice by the amount that falls out of my mouth, but I still did not think anyone would be interested in what I had to say.  We discussed everything from where the blog started, to how my career had driven me in this direction, what real-life wobbles I have experienced lately to my inspirations.  You can read all about it and see the other fantastic articles on her blog here.


The article was published on Thursday, which also happened to be the forth Bloggers Meet Brands event that I attended.  It has become a little family, it is so fantastic to meet up on a regular basis.  This month we were treated to make-overs by Clinque from the Boots team on Queen Street, treats from Mad Hippie, Christmas card making with Paint Party Cardiff and gorgeous gingerbread treats from The Clean Cake Co.


Also amazing henna designs from Henna by DeeJ.  As it dries within a few minutes, this is a fantastic way of injecting something different to your event.  It would be perfect for a hen do, baby shower or as part of the traditional celebrations of an Indian wedding.


It was also a treat to make my own bouquet of flowers with the help of Project Posy, who had a beautiful array of traditional and more exotic looking flowers.  I had difficulty in choosing only seven different stems, but I believe I achieved a Christmasy look.


Thank you again to What She Blogged for the fantastic experience!


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