Statement Made Jewellery – don’t you just love getting surprises in the post?!

Ad | Like most girls, I love jewellery.  I prefer to wear delicate and dainty designs – I appreciate these are not words usually associated with me – rather than chunky pieces.  I was thrilled to be approached by Statement Made Jewellery, as I have been a fan of their collection for a while.

Stephanie Cole-Lewis, the Founder and CEO of the company popped the item in the post but did not tell me what it was, wanting to keep it as a surprise. My imagination did run wild – what would it be? Would it be my style?  And, more importantly, would I like it?

What piece of jewellery did I receive?

Drum roll, please… I had a silver coloured necklace with a mermaid pendant and a letter ‘K’ charm (for Katrina).  It instantly brought back childhood memories of watching my favourite film, The Little Mermaid.  Earlier that day I had also been pricing up a visit to Copenhagen in Denmark where the bronze statue is displayed.  Yet, it did not feel childish.  Being in my mid-thirties, I do not want to wear pieces that could look like they could be my child’s.  It looks classic and fun.


Who are Statement Made Jewellery?

I love the values of the company.  They really are in line with the way I think and feel, and just reading their vision will make you feel empowered.  We are not all the same, and our backgrounds, culture and environment make us all individual.  This means we all have our own sense of style and will be inspired to express this in different ways.  Jewellery allows us to do this; and with hand-picked, wearer tested, unique creations with feminine touches, Statement Made Jewellery can dress the modern woman with fun and classic pieces.


Caring for the collection

I have worn the necklace a few times now.  It is still bright, shiny and clean looking.  Care instructions were sent with it, and it was recommended to remove it before showering, sleeping or exercise and try not to be heavy handed with it (again, me?!) to give it longevity.  If needed pieces from the collection can be buffed with a soft cloth and a light touch (hhmmm…)


What other pieces do they have?

As well as necklaces, there are bracelets, earrings, anklets and engraved pieces which are ideal for Christmas, Valentine’s, Mothers Day, birthdays, christenings and any other special occasions you can think of.  All of the collection is budget friendly, and are between £12-£33 per item.  Plus there is free UK postage on all orders.


Black Friday

On Black Friday, 23rd November 2018, there will be a Double Dip 30% Off Sale.  This is 20% off everything online, plus an additional 10% for VIP members.  You can subscribe to the latest news, offers and styles on their website.


Thank you

I do love my necklace and enjoy wearing it.  It always grabs peoples attention, and am always asked about it.  Over time, I look forward to building my collection – I certainly have my eye on one or two things.  Please make sure you check them out and bag yourself some unique pieces.  With Christmas around the corner, it is the ideal site to get something for family and friends.  Happy shopping!


You can also follow them on social media: Twitter Instagram Pinterest Facebook

Disclaimer: The necklace was provided to me free for my honest, unbiased review. I only work with brands that I like and think you’ll love too! I receive no commission or payment for any purchases you make on my recommendation. 

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