Listen to me on House 21’s Podcast

House 21 – the home of female bloggers – has a weekly podcast. Each week the host Melanie, and the guest blogger, discuss three blog posts. They have all been published that week, as well the latest Dear Donna problem. Plus, questions submitted to the contributor on Instagram. Well, this week it’s me! I’ve listed my favourite podcast series too.

Episode 14 of the House 21 podcast was recorded from my kitchen table over Zoom. There were a few technical issues because let’s face it, there always is. I was also interrupted twice by my doorbell, with parcels being delivered. I discussed my picks of the week which were:

The problem with body positivity

Tantrum trauma: how my nephew nearly got me arrested

Love in lockdown: a fairytale for the ages

The Dear Donna episode was undoubtedly a toughie. When you read the title Is my married friend’s ex still off-limits? I think your initial reaction is yes. When you find out a bit more about it though, it certainly raised further questions, and of course strong opinions (from me).

The Instagram questions were thought-provoking too. What is my favourite holiday destination? Being a hotelier, which one would I love to stay in? My favourite thing to cook? This one was definitely from someone who follows me on Instagram, as they knew my love of cooking from scratch.

Wonder what I had to say?

It’s available where ever you usually get your podcasts. You can also listen here: 

My favourite podcasts

Before lockdown, I was not a big podcast listener. I can’t sit in silence. I have always had the TV on in the background, or radio or my favourite playlist. While cooking, I love listening to the Harry Potter books on Audible.

I am a convert, podcasts are brilliant. I listen when cleaning the house, painting fencing in the garden or in the background while writing. Some of my favourite listens are:

Evil Genius

Funnyman Russell Kane joins forces with 3 other comedians to change the way we see heroes and villains in history. At the end of the discussion, the guests have to say whether they think they are evil or genius. I am still not over some of the results! SPOILER ALERT how dare they say Roald Dahl is evil?!

More information

Slimming World Podcast

You don’t necessarily need to be on a diet to appreciate this one. It discusses a variety of topics, and they have helped me see my body in a new light. From the importance of pictures in our lives, how you look at yourself and protecting your mental wealth and health.

More information


Americans Katy and Nathan discuss powerful women from history, and while talking about them drink cocktails. The cocktail is usually themed to the particular female ruler. At times the American pronunciations of British words can be grating, and what is discussed isn’t new information. Still, it’s a great introduction or education on that particular figure.

More information

Shagged, Married, Annoyed

Comedian Chris Ramsey and his wife Rosie chat about life. One of my favourite sections is when they say what has annoyed them about the other that week, such as Chris not taking a key out with him when he goes out on his bike. It’s light-hearted, has lots of laugh out loud moments, and is entirely relatable.

More information

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