Marketing Series: Do you find it hard to make time to write your blogs?

If you are a professional blogger, you will know running a business is hard work.  For those who do it as a hobby or are aspiring to write full time often find it challenging to fit it all in.

It is fun – or it should be.  Remember why you started to do it; you love to write and be creative.  It should not be a chore.  Could it be you are putting too much pressure on yourself?


I work full time, have a busy social life with friends and family, and I enjoy writing.  Leaving work for the day and (trying) not to think about it again until the next morning is very appealing.  So, how do you find the time to get your content done?

We all know that consistent content is critical to engaging and retaining our tribes.  When we have too much to do, it can be hard enough to find the time, let alone the creativity, to create consistently engaging content.

What if I told you, you can write your weekly blog in just 10 minutes a day?

Even the busiest person can find 10 minutes in a day. While commuting to a meeting as a passenger or on public transport.  Get your partner to wash the dishes.  In your coffee or lunch break while you are eating.  Alternate your pick-ups and drop-offs of your children with neighbours or their school friends.  Or my boyfriend’s suggestion… while you are on the loo!

These are not even considering those minutes of the biggest time wasters – social media, television, and playing with your phone.

Remember you are an authority on the topic you are writing about.  It is unlikely for you to choose a blog or subject you know nothing about.  So taking 10 minutes every day, with time, should become natural to you.

Writing a blog post

Blogs are generally between 300 and 1,200 words.  300 words are the minimum required to rank in search engines and as readers are likely to be busy anything over 1,200 words are considered long.  However, you know your audience, if they prefer longer blogs then go with that. Long-tail articles that are between 1,500 and 2,500 words (or even longer) are fantastic for Google rankings, especially if you manage to get all your keywords into them.  Google will see you as an authority on the subject, then the more it is liked, shared and commented on this increases the rankings too.

Google is currently in the process of lowering the internet rankings of pages with thin content and of internet pages and products which do not fulfil the users intent. This means that product pages with low word counts and very few or no images will start to drop in rankings. It is a good idea to separate the copy into paragraphs and include relevant subheadings which should be your keywords.

What if I told you, that you could write two blog posts a week?

The average person types at 40 words per minute.  I learnt to touch type as a teenager so I can do a lot more than this.  Some are a bit slower, so let’s say it is 20 words per minute:

  • 20 words per minute is 200 words
  • 200 words a day is 1,400 words in a week
  • If your blog is on average 750 words, that that would be two blogs every week
  • With time for proof-reading and editing!

What if I told you, you could plan your blogs for the following month?

You could use one of your 10 minutes every month to draft a bullet point list of potential blog topics for the following month.  This will mean you will be able to choose from the list without having to spend time thinking up subjects every week.

What if I told you, I do this method, and it works?

Ok, so I do not do it for my personal blog.  I have lots of ideas, and I do have a plan, but I do not want to publish two articles a week.  It is my hobby, based on my life – what I enjoy, what I am up too, as well as my business skills.  You have to do what is right for you!

I adopt this method for my day job, where I write articles and blogs for different aspects of the company.  I find this method helps, rather than trying to dedicate or schedule a time to do this, which often never works out.  My work environment is fast-paced, with lots of multi-tasking, and with phones ringing, it can be hard to concentrate.

Writing should not be a burden on your day!

You will see how quickly the word count can add up just from investing 10 minutes of your day.  If you are not well or something comes up, you can amend your next two days to 15 minutes, or 20 minutes the next day.  Try not to do this all the time, as it will be detrimental.

Writing is like anything else, the more regularly you do it, the easier it will become.  A few weeks of this and your blog writing will go from strength to strength, and it will become something you do without even thinking about it.

Happy blogging, everyone!


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