Marketing Series: Important keyword facts you should not overlook

Keywords are an important aspect of marketing your business or your blog, but there are some vital things to consider.  As you research keywords for your business or brand, keep in mind the following:


Understand your audience

Picking a profitable niche is important if you want to make money online, but it is also important to actually have and develop some real knowledge about your audience.  If you are not willing to spend a considerable amount of time getting to know your niche, including research, keeping up to date with current trends and the needs of the consumer then it is not the right one for you.  You could have the best keyword data but miss the mark elsewhere.

Know your audience

When choosing keywords for your marketing campaigns you need to understand your audience.  If you do not know who they are, it is likely you will miss out on finding the right keywords.  Take the time to make a customer profile or audience personas.  It is good to keep this ‘person’ in mind when you are writing your content.

Know the why behind your content

Every piece of content you create needs to have a purpose.  Keywords floating around on a page has no meaning to the reader, other than to attract search engine traffic.  Use keywords in your content but know the purpose behind publishing, and make it relevant for the reader.

Keep improving your website performance

All the good keywords in the world will not matter if your website performs poorly, or has poor navigation.  Keep working on improving the site, whilst improving keyword usage and you will end up with a winning combination.

Care about your audience’s satisfaction

When creating keyword rich content, it is important to provide value to your audience in a way that makes them feel important and satisfied.  If someone follows a search term to your website and finds an article that has nothing to do with what they thought, they will just click away.  Always think of your audience when producing content from menus, blog posts, podcasts, videos or even images for your website.

Avoid keyword stuffing

Using the same keyword more than four times on a post is likely to be too much.  This includes using it in the title and anchor text.  There are times when it flows well and needs to be done but do not force it.


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