The lazy person’s guide to exercise

Hi, I’m Katrina, and I’m a self-confessed lazy person when it comes to exercise! “But” I hear you cry, “we always see stories on your Instagram of you out on your bike, or off to the gym”. I have to get myself in the mindset to go, and I’ll do everything I can to avoid it. However, when I do go, I feel so much better for it. You may not totally enjoy getting sweaty or squeezing into a sports bra (this is a workout in itself!). Still, you will love the results that you see when you keep up a regular fitness routine.

Ways to get fit if you’re lazy AF

I have read so many articles over the years, listened to personal trainers and fitness gurus, and these are the only ones that I find achievable. I present to you… the lazy girl’s guide to getting fit.

1. Stand up once an hour

We all know sitting around on your bum all day is bad for you. Are you curled up on the sofa or hunched over a keyboard – not even getting out for lunch? Make a conscious effort to get up at least once an hour. Go to the toilet, make yourself a drink, or go upstairs (which means climbing the stairs). I have a FitBit {Amazon affiliate}, and it buzzes at 10 to the hour if it hasn’t detected me standing up, which reminds me to move.

2. Walk for at least 20-minutes a day

It is a lot easier in the summer months or when the weather is dry, but a 20-minute walk is achievable. Use the legs you were given and get moving. We all started walking more in lockdown and exploring our neighbourhoods, don’t let that good habit disappear. The walk will do wonders for your health and mental wellbeing.

3. Home workouts

You don’t even need to leave the house to get a workout in. There are many free exercise and home workouts you can do in your living room or garden. If you are feeling energetic, there are thousands of workouts on YouTube, from popular fitness gurus such as Joe Wicks – The Body Coach, Jillian Michaels or HASfit. You can also dust off the old fitness DVDs you have. There are also some great stretching, yoga and pilates regimes if you’re after something more low impact.

4. Don’t worry about how long your workout lasts

How often have we heard it’s a marathon, not a sprint? There’s no way that you can do it all at once. If you can only do 5-10 minutes, to begin with, that is fine. As the week’s progress, your fitness levels will improve, and you will be able to increase the length. Any exercise is excellent and the most important thing when starting is just to get moving. The fact is, you’re doing something, and that’s what matters.

5. Spend some time in bed

Some forms of exercise can be fun, and sex is one of them. Sexual activity can be just as effective at burning energy. Apparently, women can burn up to 90 calories during a sex session. Run or time with your partner? Ummm… (Get yourself ready down there with Woo Woo!)

6. Work out during the adverts

Instead of fast-forwarding through the adverts, perhaps you can squat or do some sit-ups or press-ups during the ad break. You can also turn off the automated ‘play next’ on Netflix. Why not put the remote on the other side of the room, so you have to get up and put the next episode on?

7. Reward yourself

At the beginning of the week or the month, set yourself some achievable workout goals. You can explore this more in how can goal setting benefit you? Reward yourself for meeting targets, so you’ve got something to look forward to when you hit that fitness, weight goal or PB. How about some slick new gym kit? All the gear and the right idea!

I had a bike for my birthday. I love it! I never thought I would be fit enough to ride for 40km, but I am!

National Fitness Day 23rd September 

National Fitness Day returns on 23rd September 2020, a celebration of fitness kicks, motivational moves and the turning over of a healthier new leaf. This year the campaign is promoting what keeping physically active means to us, and how different it is. Follow the action and get involved by using #Fitness2Me.

It’s time to get fitter

Everyone wants to be healthier, leaner, and fitter and the laziest of us are no exception. If you’re a lazy person who wants to become a healthy, active person, then you have to do exercises and programs that will entice you to do them over and over.

Want to learn more? The Lazy Girls Guide to Fitness is free if you have Kindle Unlimited. It has tips and tricks to get motivated and even has printable exercise routines. 

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