Should we be celebrating Women’s Healthy Weight Day?

Thursday 17th January 2019 is Women’s Healthy Weight Day.  Yes, apparently this is a thing!  Why are we all so obsessed with how we look?  Should we really be blaming the media, when cases of anorexia and bulimia can be dated back to the 15th Century and perhaps beyond?


So, this is not me having a rant about being overweight, and a waa waa waa why can’t I be skinny, please feel sorry for me.  Or is it, I am big a big girl and I feel great, so much so I am going to push my positivity onto you.  There is a market for both of these people, but I am definitely split down the middle.  Often, especially after I am aching from head to toe from back to back gym sessions or when I have had a few bad days binging at events, I am made to feel that I should be shouting about my body confidence or lack of.  

I have no problem with those who show off their fitness journeys, however, like some if I am having a bad day it irritates me.  Likewise, I enjoy larger role models showing off their body confidence.  My only issue with this is, we should be promoting that – confidence – I do not think we should be encouraging people to be overweight.

This blog post is a bit directionless in some ways, I do not want it to be a rant about how we should or should not look, I was purely intrigued by why there is a women’s healthy weight day so I started to do a bit of research.

Is it really that hard to stay on track?  Do we put too much pressure on ourselves?

I have curves in the right and wrong places and do try to watch what I eat.  I exercise – sometimes I need to do this more regularly but do live an active lifestyle.  I have tried it all throughout the years, Herbalife, Weight Watchers, Protein World and so many more.  I am now following Slimming World.  This is currently working well for me, as I can cook from scratch and eat ‘unlimited’ amounts of the food I enjoy with a couple of treats too such as a glass of wine crisps and chocolate.

There are days that I am happy with the way I look, days I want to hide my wobbly bits from the world and most are somewhere in between. 

How to diet and exercise for weight loss?

If only I had the answer to that question!  I have heard so many times that it takes 21 days to create a habit.  If you can stick to something for 3 weeks you should find it a more natural part of your daily routine.  However, when I researched it, scientists from the University College in London believe it can take a bit longer; 66 days on average. 

They also discovered that how easy you find it to form the habit depends on what you learnt as a child and your personality.  Creating habits for those who have a good memory find it easier.  For those who are impulsive do find it harder.  The research also showed it is easier to try one thing at a time. 

How to lose weight

Most people know what to do to lose weight.  We are told to eat less and move more.  But if it is so easy, why are there so many overweight people?  Is it willpower, fear of missing out or poor planning that make us fall off the wagon?  It is too easy to make promises or lie to yourself, no one knows but you if you do this.  So, we end up feeling guilty and torment and torture ourselves with old bad habits 

Are diet and exercise both important?

Our bodies actually crave what is good for us.  Our taste buds are genetically engineered to crave high calorie, high-fat foods which are used for energy.  These are not necessarily bad for, but we are constantly being told that they are.  For example, butter is so much better for you than margarine, as it is a natural product.  Your body has evolved to understand it and knows how to process it.  Whereas margarine has synthetic ingredients that may mean the product is lower in calories, but the body is unsure how to break it down.  Meaning butter is good for you, in moderation. 

We all know that exercise is good for our bodies, keeps it subtle and young, and it can also help improve it.  How you perform in an exercise routine can judge the success of your diet.  If you are maintaining weight or losing body fat it is likely your diet is going what it should. 

Women’s healthy weight day

But today we are talking about healthy weight, not all of us need to lose a few pounds and some of us do not want too, and there are some who need to put on some weight.  Women’s healthy weight day is a time for modest reflection and a chance to highlight the lady behind the stereotypes they often suffer.  The day can also be used to reset after the new year – re-assess your new year resolutions and goals to get back on track.

Shall we celebrate Women’s Healthy Weight Day?

I would like to celebrate the self-improvement.  We should always be looking to educate ourselves on diet, exercise and mental wellness.  Whether it is wanting to lose pounds, improve your physique or grow your knowledge and awareness.  Here’s to happy and healthy lives!

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