Love yourself in a bikini

How do you find contentment on the beach? Deep down we know people are not really looking at you, and they are not judging us for our size and how many love handles we may or may not have, but we all have that ‘moment’ before we go away about being seen in a bikini.

I am not always comfortable in my body (currently a curvy size 20), but ultimately, I will be on my holiday trying to get an all-over tan, with as few white bits as possible. It really is mind over matter. Here are some of my tips on how you can love yourself in a bikini.

Unsurprisingly, I could not find many pictures of me in my swimwear. This one is a rather pink me, I am ginger skinned after all, in my tankini at Xel-Ha in Mexico in September 2017.

1. Positive Affirmations

If your inner voice bad-mouths your body as soon as you start stripping off, look in the mirror, choose a feature and remind yourself of what it allows you to do. Thank your arms for letting you hug your loved ones, those legs for carrying you around and that curve in your waist that lets your partner hold on tight too. Adopting a gratitude attitude has been linked to improving wellbeing and physical health.

2. Be Guilt-Free

Do not feel guilty because you do not love your figure. If you have been watching what you eat and working out, but have not seen the results as quickly as you would have liked, or wish you did not have that extra slice of cake at a birthday party you do not have to be hard on yourself. Try replacing the negative thought with something that is going to benefit you. A post-holiday massage, make a list of places you would love to visit or some recipes of the local cuisine you can make when you are back home.

Gran Canaria
Getting ready to head to the beach, which you can see in the background, from my hotel room in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria in July 2018.

3. Reality Check

Give yourself a reality check. We believe that more people notice our appearance, and worse judge it than they actually do. Experts call it the ‘spotlight effect’. Turn off the spotlight by distracting yourself. Get absorbed in a juicy novel, a spot of sudoku (if that’s your thing) or listen to some music or audiobook.

4. Fill Your Feed

We all know that scrolling through flawless images on social media can make us feel inadequate, and it has also been linked to more serious issues such as depression. Unfollow people who encourage you to give too much thought to your body and replace them with things that will make you smile. I love watching animals doing silly things and images of indulgent food. Alternatively, fill your feed with those who are embracing their real bodies.

I love the water. On this day we explored the natural caves in Xcaret in Mexico. I should have taken my shorts off, I took this picture and had to head back to the lockers to put them away.

5. Get Outdoors

If all else fails, spending time in the great outdoors can increase up your body appreciation. Experts believe it is because we are distancing ourselves from appearance-focused situations. Plus, being outdoors means we are doing activities, which ultimately benefit your health, wellbeing and fitness.

How to Get a Bikini Body

The only secret to getting a ‘bikini body’ is physically putting your body in a bikini. Despite this, many women suffer low self-esteem when it comes to the prospect of putting on a two-piece for the beach. Hopefully, my tips will help you embrace a mental shift. It is time we take charge and not let society tell us what is desirable.


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