Thoughts from the side of the road

On Wednesday, I broke down on the commute home from work. In the busy rush hour on one of the busiest a-roads in Cardiff. My clutch went all the way to the floor and didn’t come back up again. I managed to grind me gears and get across to the hard shoulder. I only had 7% battery on my phone, after calling breakdown recovery. With only a pen and paper, I whiled away the time by writing my thoughts from the side of the road.

My Car


What do I do without my phone? My social media, kindle, video streaming are all on there. I know it’s not the recommendation, but it is too cold to stand outside, so I’m sat in the passenger seat.

Filth and Grime

The radio is on, Stormzy is telling me to Shut Up. I’m terrified that the car battery will go… I’ve managed to let a previous cars battery die listening to the radio whilst cleaning.  My car is filthy, I really should clean it more. How embarrassing. The last time I had it cleaned properly was Christmas 2018. I only remember that because the seats were wet for weeks. I am such a minger. Well, I clear the rubbish regularly and run an anti-bac wipe over the surfaces now and again, usually when I know colleagues are going to get in. It just hasn’t been hoovered. I really should do it more often.


I have bought Mike, my partner, salmon for tea. I hope it’s not going to go off. How long should salmon be out of the fridge anyway? I have also bought some snacks such as cereal bars, which are supposed to last the week. I must resist temptation. The fact that I am writing, to rid myself of the boredom, in my Slimming World diary should remind me not to binge.

Rescue Me

On TV there is always the handsome stranger that stops and asks what the problem is. With the hundreds of cars passing me, it’s clear they are not coming to my rescue. No-one has pulled over to help. To be fair, I’d want to get home too. They don’t know that I have tasty ‘thank you ‘ treats. I do mean food, it is not a euphemism. (Had to google how to spell that, when typing this up!)

If I hadn’t called Greenflag, how long would I have been here before someone realised I needed help? It is not the motorway, there are no roadside phones. I can’t even flag someone down, they are all going 70 miles per hour or more.

Car Charger

Why haven’t I got a car charger? I need a new one, the last one broke. FFS Katrina, they aren’t even that expensive. When you get home, buy one on Amazon. (I still haven’t got one!)

Where Would I Be

Looking at the time and realising you should already be home is a kicker. I was going to do a HIIT workout before cooking tea – the aforementioned salmon – marinated in soy, ginger and chilli and served with roast tenderstem broccoli and homemade egg fried rice.  I’m so hungry, I must not eat my treats.


F***ing car! You’re supposed to be faithful. Alright, I’ve already admitted that I don’t clean you enough. But, I fill you up regularly, take you on adventures – think of the places we’ve seen together. Plus, we have amazing sing-a-longs, share an audiobook or a podcast or two. It’s selfish and spiteful.

How much is this going to cost me? With buying the house, my savings are at an all-time low. I really can’t afford this at the moment. I can’t afford a new car either. Oh god! What if I have to get the train to work. Ok, the walk to the train station will do me good, if it’s not pouring down. I hate the train! It’s unreliable, hot, smelly, full of oddballs and expensive. A return is £5.40 a day. I don’t spend that much on my car, a day. Something always happens when I get on during the commute too, including being stranded. I really don’t want to get the train.

I Told You So

My mum is going to love this! She loves to nag me about my car. I’m sure when she takes it to the garage, for a service, she finds additional faults, or completes non-essential work. (She works in a garage.) I’m not going to hear the end of this for a long time.

My Car Again

Breakdown Cover

I get my roadside cover ‘complimentary’ with my bank. I must have been getting the cover for 15 years or so, and have never had to call them out before. I called last week when my windscreen wipers stopped working on the way back from Plymouth. It was hammering down, and I couldn’t see the road or cars in front of me. A week later I’m calling them again. You get six call-outs a year, I’m now panicking that the remaining four won’t be enough. I wish they would roll over.

Battery Power

Just put the engine on for a bit, so the car battery doesn’t die. It’s been about 35 minutes so far. My phone battery is now at 5%, as my mum is sending a billion messages, even though I have said I don’t have much power. The ETA, estimated time of arrival, from the recovery, is another 25 minutes. I’m so bored, and my hand hurts. I couldn’t write by hand for a living. I’m glad computers are now king, I can certainly touch type a million times quicker than I can physically write.

Oh Wow, They’re Here

Bloomin’ heck! Breakdown recovery has arrived earlier than predicted. They have however sent a hobbit to do the job. (He was very friendly, and I learnt more than I should have about his partner, daughter and life.)


I was recovered to home, as it was too late to go to the garage. I had to re-arrange recovery for the morning. The time kept being pushed back as I wasn’t a priority. This time, tree-beard arrived to get the car. Luckily, it was only in the garage for a day, and it only cost me what I would spend on a good night out. Until next time…


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