Letter Writing Day – Remember the wonders of the hand-written word

For hundreds of years, communication took place in several ways, you either sat down and had a conversation with someone or you wrote your thoughts and feelings down in a letter.  I am not talking about the letters that you get from the bank or bills, but the incredibly intimate ones.

I love reading stories or coming across collections of love letters that have lasted through time.  Soldiers on the front lines telling their mother or the betrothed that they are well and are longing to see them again, as well as begging for snippets of home.  When they received them, did they smell like home or of their lovers’ perfume?  Some even included pressed flowers or a lock of hair to remind them of the wonders of home.

Letter Writing 2

World Letter Writing Day

“Handwriting is your DNA, It is your fingerprint that only you can share with others. Pick up & pen or pencil & write a letter today” worldletterwritingday.com

Letter writing has been in decline because of smartphones, the Internet and before that, the telephone.  For hundreds of years, it was the only way for people separated by distance to get in touch with one another. Today is a great day to get back to basics and hand-write a letter.

I know that it is ironic that this blog has been written on a laptop and not with pen and paper, but I wanted to celebrate Letter Writing Day.  We should all get out a pen and paper and start writing!  Will it be to an old friend or a family member?  If there are any children in your life, have they ever even received a handwritten personal letter?  It is not something that is done anymore, so you will be able to share something unique with them.  Perhaps they will keep it for a long time and show their own children.

We are more expressive when we write a letter compared to an email or a text where we just want to take short cuts.  We try not to make spelling mistakes when we write by hand as we are not relying on spell-check.  More pride is also taken with our handwriting, how we want our letter to look and feel special to the receiver.  Would we also include a hint of perfume, a photograph, a favourite flower petal? Quite simply, we usually just make more of an effort.

When is Letter Writing Day?

World Letter Writing Day, takes places every year on 1st September.  It was established by Richard Simpkin as a tribute to the joy and excitement he felt when a hand-written letter would arrive in his mailbox. His appreciation of the hand-written word came about as a result of a project he was working on called “Australian Legends”.  He would send out letters to everyone he considered to be an Australian Legend with the interest of arranging a personal interview and photography session with them. He loved the feeling of receiving a letter back, with the legends own personal touch to it.

Who will you be writing a letter too?


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