Wales’ Only Thermal Spring in Taffs Well

Did you know that Wales’s only thermal spring is in Taffs Well? Neither did I, and I’ve lived in Cardiff all of my life! I have lived and worked nearby for a long time, and did not know of its existence. It was once a busy tourist hotspot, and now it is nearly forgotten. Can we get Taffs Well’s thermal spring back on the must-see map?

Taffs Well Park
The information sign is impossible to see if you are driving from Cardiff. Driving from Nantgarw the sign is visible (just), but not being a brown tourist sign not many people would think to stop and explore.

I have to thank my friend Hisdoryan for encouraging me to write this. We met at a blogging event a few years ago, and bonded over our love of history – she knows a lot more than me though. We also bonded over a love of Strongbow Dark Fruits – but that’s another story!

Since moving to Taffs Well in Cardiff last summer, and thanks to COVID19, I have been able to explore more of the area. Seeing a different part of the Taff Trail and exploring more walks has been a revelation. Especially stumbling upon the thermal spring. There is so little information online about it. It straddles the border of Cardiff and Rhondda Cynon Taff, and if you don’t know what you’re looking for, it’s easy to mistake it for an abandoned building.

There is a rich history to the thermal spring, especially as so many flocked to it to experience the restorative powers. CADW even made it a Grade II listed building in the early 2000s.

Taffs Well Thermal Spring
I love the guy with his hands on his hips. Being the only one that’s fully dressed, it’s clear to see he’s ‘in charge’. No splashing, bombing or heavy petting!

You can read my full article and find out why one of Wales’ most natural wonders has been forgotten here. It may also be haunted!

Cardiffians, have you heard of Taffs Well spring? If you’re not from the area, would you like to visit?


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