Does high school education really matter?

Does high school education really matter?  Surely you can be anything you want to be?


So I attended Whitchurch High School.  There has been a lot of coverage over the last few weeks focusing on the highly successful sportsmen that have studied there, namely Sam Warburton, Gareth Bale and now Tour de France winner Geraint Thomas.

I will not take their achievements away from them, they have all worked extremely hard to get to where they are today, however, it does annoy me that other successful ex-students are never mentioned.  There are business owners and entrepreneurs, and those at the top of their professions including chef’s, engineers, photographers, scientists, doctors, nurses, civil servants, lawyers, creatives and so many, many more.

Bloggers Meet Brands – Marketing, Branding and Content

This event has been such a good find!  I attend business networking events for the day job and at times it can feel like you are playing the long game, however this event ticks all the boxes – meet other bloggers, given the opportunity to interact and share ideas, and be introduced to brands and products in a friendly and supportive environment.  I attended my first event at the beginning of June, just one week after my new blog went live.  You can read all about it here.

Quick Wobble: Testing, Testing…

Is there anyone out there… 🙂


So what is Real Girls Wobble all about?

Don’t be put off by the title, it’s not all about the battle with the bulge. It’s about our real day wobbles when we are faced with a challenge or temptation when trying to obtain our goals; whether that be weight, fitness, body image, the work life balance, etc.  Hopefully we can share our experiences along the way, and have a laugh or two as well!