Buying your first home, what you should know and what to expect

Buying a house should be exciting, why do they make it so complicated? I actually think it is better that I am buying a home in my mid-30’s and not younger. After years of saving and listening to everyone’s ‘ house buying horror stories’, I felt ready and prepared when we started looking earlier this year.

The process has made me feel stupid. I do not consider myself an intellect by any means but the jargon, amount of paperwork and ‘rules’ have left me feeling lost, confused and absolutely befuddled on many occasions.


It’s my birthday! Some facts about the 17th of May

May is a crazy month for birthdays, for so many of my good friends from school and my ever increasing acquaintance on social media. On Facebook, I have 6 friends on the 14th, 4 friends on the 15th, 3 friends on the 16th, 2 on the 18th and 4 on the 19th May. What on earth were all of our parents ‘celebrating’ in August?!

The 17th May

You will never be everyone’s cup of tea – good because I’m over it!

Let’s be honest, you usually see a picture of me sipping on a glass of Prosecco rather than a cup of tea! The well-used British idiom means ‘not to someone’s liking’, and as I’ve got older, grumpier and less tolerant toward people and things that impact on my routine or life has seen me change my outlook.


You are not everyone’s cup of tea, but that’s OK

Growing up, I wanted people to like me and if there was a hint that they did not then I didn’t like it. I would do stupid things to try to make them like me – be loud, tell a few white lies, agree with their views (even if I didn’t). I would try out their hobbies so I would not be left out.  Behaved differently around people trying to be a person I thought they wanted me to be.