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Burnout – The biggest health threat to our generation

In an ideal world, our biggest worries at work should be who used the last tea bag or forgetting a colleagues birthday card.Burnout is fast becoming one of the biggest health threats to our generation. When we are burned out, our instinct is not to speak up because we don’t want to compromise how others see us. You believe the lie, that you are at fault, so what do we do? Fight back with this 9 to 5 survival guide.

Parental discretion is advised

If you visit a pub or family restaurant during school holidays or during the day on weekends, you may see some ‘unruly’ child behaviour. It stresses out other parents who are trying to keep their children from following suit. It also continues to be a burden to pub operators who are just trying to get through the working day.

Healthy Katsu Curry Recipe

My chicken katsu curry recipe is easy to make, and is a great substitute to eating out – lowering the calories too. This fakeaway recipe will allow you to toss all the ingredients together and create a delightful dinner in less than 30 minutes.

Supporting the We Make Events Campaign

The events industry creates millions of memories, millions of stories – stories that are told, and retold to friends and families around the world. The events industry is in jeopardy, and thousands of professionals, entertainers and artists are struggling to make ends meet or are in fear of paying bills when furlough ends.


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Breakfast baked oats recipes

Baked oats for breakfast does not get repetitive when you try out some of my different mouth-watering filling ideas.

It’s OK to be on a diet

After having some backlash in my DM’s telling me it is not a good idea to promote my weight loss, I felt compelled to reply.

Looking after your Woo Woo

The girl power brand Woo Woo has a passion for feminine care, and they are bold about it. Do you want to be as smooth as a dolphins nose?

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Hi, I’m Katrina. By day I am a Marketing Manager in the tourism industry and have over 15 years of expertise in the field. I have a Professional Diploma in Marketing and specialise in hospitality, events, advertising, PR and communications. Real Girls Wobble was established in 2018. The award winning lifestyle blog looks to inspire readers with travel, food and drink, especially in Cardiff and the surrounding areas. You can also expect product reviews, business and marketing tips. I am a passionate cider drinker, and a cook from scratch advocate. Plus, a Cardiff City FC
season ticket holder and Welsh rugby fan.