January; Get Organised Month

Why is it that at the start of the new year we re-evaluate our lives?  It is something I have never understood but has been engraved into us by society.  New year – new you.  Out with the old, in with the new.  Please insert other relevant cliché phrases.


How to Successfully Market Yourself | Interview with What She Blogged

Earlier this year I met Laurabeth the owner of What She Blogged at a Bloggers Meet Brands event.  We clicked immediately and had many things in common – other than blogging.  Of course, we both hail from Wales, though from opposite ends of the country and we both have a passion for marketing.  Although, she chose to go into the industry by studying a BA in Professional Writing and Media whereas I have been lucky for my career to go in that direction.


Statement Made Jewellery – don’t you just love getting surprises in the post?!

Like most girls, I love jewellery.  I prefer to wear delicate and dainty designs – I appreciate these are not words usually associated with me – rather than chunky pieces.  I was thrilled to be approached by Statement Made Jewellery, as I have been a fan of their collection for a while.

Stephanie Cole-Lewis, the Founder and CEO of the company popped the item in the post but did not tell me what it was, wanting to keep it as a surprise. My imagination did run wild – what would it be? Would it be my style?  And, more importantly, would I like it?

How to decorate your venue for a Christmas wedding?

That’s right I’ve written a wedding article.  Many of you will not know that I have worked in the wedding industry for a very long time.  The positions have all be in Cardiff and the surrounding areas and have included working behind the scenes as a wedding coordinator, as part of the food and beverage team or as operations and executing the wedding day.

The following was written for the November / December issue for Your South Wales Wedding Magazine