Marketing Series

I have been working in Sales and Marketing pretty much my entire career, coming up to 20 years. By day, I am a Marketing Manager in the travel, tourism and food industry, and here is where I share my wisdom (well, the tools I use day to day), as well as emerging trends and strategies.

Are you hoping to to take your business or blog to the next level? Are you struggling with a particular aspect of your marketing plan? Then, read on!

It’s good to suck

Are you a cake-baking flop? Useless at sport? Embrace it! There’s a whole lot of magic in being mediocre. 

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Staying social whilst distancing

Writing brings us closer together, and helps us to stay connected.

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Are press releases still relevant?

How can you still get free publicity in the commercially driven industry?

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Is Google image search the key to your SEO strategy?

If using the Google Image Search is not already part of your SEO strategy, get ready to rectify it!

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Influencer Marketing and Fake Followers

Even though influencer marketing is a relatively new strategy, it continues to be a viable solution for marketers. Time to think outside the box.

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How to create an Instagram Stories Style Guide

A Style Guide for all of your social media channels, will help visitors can put you and your brand together. 

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10 tips for overcoming writer’s block

Most writers will have trouble with writer’s block at some point in their lives. It only leaves us frustrated, but there are some things you can do.

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Do you find it hard to make time to write blogs?

We all know that consistent content is critical to engaging and retaining our tribes. 

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World Creativity and Innovation Day

Sometimes all it takes is some creativity to change habits and old problems, to help you reach those goals. It’s time to get innovative.

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Use your social media to create more buzz

Social media is a great way to promote your business and create online excitement. It is one of the cheapest and instant marketing tools.

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Important keyword facts you should not overlook

Keywords are an important aspect of marketing your business or your blog, but there are some vital things to consider.  

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5 simple ways of overcoming shyness before a meeting, networking or an event

Even the most self-confident among us can get nervous, especially if you are shy or under-prepared.

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How to become a social influencer in 10 steps

I have broken down the steps and things to consider when raising your online social profile.

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How to successfully promote your business on social media

he ever-changing world of digital marketing, offers many different ways to promote your business

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Your blog – what to include in Your Business Portfolio

It is important to have a solid brand when approaching or working with other companies.

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Event Organisers

Event planners have a significant role at companies all around the world and often work with commercial teams to succeed. 

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How I do Keyword Research

Roll up your sleeves and learn how to conduct keyword research. Be found on line and boost your organic ranking.

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Latest Posts

It’s ok to be on a diet

Have you ever been fat-shamed or ridiculed for changing the way you eat?

After having some backlash telling me it is not a good idea to promote my weight loss, I felt compelled to reply. I am not restricting calories, cutting out vital nutrients and encouraging people to damage their bodies – I am helping mine to become more powerful. I just wanted to share the joy I have got from my achievements.

The benefits of going to the pub

While we have all been able to stay connected and reconnect during the COVID-19 worldwide crisis, we have missed being social. People do not want to speak to their screens, but to faces and new faces too – and hear the stories and antidotes that come with that.


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