My Slimming World Journey

On the Slimming World website, I read an article called Write Yourself Slimmer. It basically says that keeping a food diary isn’t the only way that writing can help you achieve your slimming goals. Writing things down can help you lose weight, and even though this is a goal, for me, it’s gaining a more healthy lifestyle.

VE Day 2020 – You can do it!

Going public with my goals

Especially on social media, there is so much emphasis on being body positive. I completely agree with this, I think you should and deserve to feel comfortable in your skin, body and how you express yourself. I am, even at my heaviest I wore what I wanted and did what I wanted. However, I didn’t always feel comfortable. At times my weight held me back. I live Wales, it’s beautiful, but mountainous. Going for a walk could kill me off for the rest of the day, or even the weekend. I am powerful, but I want my body to keep up with my mindset and outlook too.

Planning and Preparation

When I have a bad week, the majority of the time it is because I haven’t planned and prepared. It really is the key to a successful week for me. Organising what we are going to eat during the week, including snacks and treats helps me build a shopping list. Without the list, I end up putting junk in the trolley, and gives me something to focus on. I also look at my week and plan workouts, bike rides and walks around my social activities, so I know I can get my exercise in for the week.


My Slimming World Group has become my weekly therapy session. I always make an effort to stay, it can be a bit happy clappy at times, but we support and encourage each other. There are tears and there are frustrations alongside the celebrations. Whether it’s me, or someone in the group that’s having a tough patch, we all know that we are in on it together. There is a fantastic online community too.

What will I be sharing?

Alongside weight losses, I will be sharing the food I make, progress in the gym (it can only get better!) and how I am going to get more active long term. How I stay motivated, and how quickly I can self-sabotage.

Watch this space, more to come…

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