Cookery With Katrina

My passion is cooking. Over the last few years, I have educated myself on food, where it comes from and how it powers our bodies. This started as a bid to lose weight but has become something so much more to me. When you prepare your own meals, you have more control over the ingredients, and you can ensure you eat fresh, wholesome meals. Taste for me is everything.

I am a cook from scratch advocate. I know that you may think that this is easier said than done. Whether you’re here for some food inspiration, my healthy recipes, videos, and interviews will inspire you to cook well at home.

I am not a professional in any capacity, and only have a basic food hygiene certificate (which is probably out of date). I love food, and want to share all of my creations.

More coming soon, but for now…

Cooking with Schwartz Oregano

Ad | This is a simple midweek meal takes moments to prepare and needs no technical effort to cook.

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Birthday afternoon tea in lockdown

Instead of going for a bottomless brunch with the girls, I indulged on a homemade afternoon tea.

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Store cupboard staples

Nothing to eat? Check out your store-cupboard stars. Make the most of what you already have, and make the money you spend on food go further.

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Healthy blueberry biscuit recipe

Like so many in lockdown, I spent more time baking. However, cooking from scratch has been a priority for me for some time, along with trying to stay in shape. My easy blueberry biscuit recipe takes minutes to prepare, and the sweet treat will be ready in 15 minutes.