Blogger Recognition Awards

Ok!  Wow!  What can I say?!  It is so great to be recognised by a peer for something like this.  I love the genuine expression of appreciation exchanged here, absolutely chuffed to be nominated by Lipstick, Lashes and Life. 

Does high school education really matter?

Does high school education really matter?  Surely you can be anything you want to be?

So I attended Whitchurch High School.  There has been a lot of coverage over the last few weeks focusing on the highly successful sportsmen that have studied there, namely Sam Warburton, Gareth Bale and now Tour de France winner Geraint Thomas.

Quick Wobble: Testing, Testing…

Is there anyone out there… 🙂


So what is Real Girls Wobble all about?

Don’t be put off by the title, it’s not all about the battle with the bulge. It’s about our real day wobbles when we are faced with a challenge or temptation when trying to obtain our goals; whether that be weight, fitness, body image, the work life balance, etc.  Hopefully we can share our experiences along the way, and have a laugh or two as well!