Breakfast baked oats recipe with 16 different filling ideas

Baked oats have become a breakfast favourite of mine. It takes moments to prepare. During the cooking time, I can do some household chores, put my make-up on and get ready for work, or even doing my morning reflections and affirmations. Baked oats for breakfast does not get repetitive when you try out some of my different mouth-watering baked oats filling ideas.

It’s ok to be on a diet

I can’t believe that I am writing an article called ‘It’s ok to be on a diet’. After having some backlash in my DM’s telling me it is not a good idea to promote my weight loss, I felt compelled to reply. Being told I’m a trigger, and that I should be a positive body advocate is hurtful. I am not restricting calories, cutting out vital nutrients and encouraging people to damage their bodies – I am helping mine to become more powerful. I just wanted to share the joy I have got from my achievements.

One of the pictures that sparked the unsolicited DM’s. For my virtual Slimming World meeting we dressed in our summer holiday outfits. As a group we realised we probably won’t get a summer vay-cay, so made the most the good weather at home instead. I felt amazing and collected my 1 and 1/2 stone award too.