Stereophonics at Cardiff City Stadium

For Christmas my mother paid for the four of us (mum, dad, myself and my brother) to have hospitality at the Cardiff City Stadium for the Stereophonics gig.  I think we were all taken aback by the gift.  My brother loves live music, but this leans heavily on the alternative side of things.  Dad is a music fan, especially of The Beatles and The Who, but I did not think he liked anything past the 70’s.  I have previously helped mum download the album for her iPod – that’s right, she still uses an iPod.  I think she wishes it was a CD player.


Bloggers Meet Brands Event

Earlier this week I attended my first ever blogger event.  I network for business for the day job, so I was not nervous about entering room of people I do no know, however I was nervous about how I would be perceived.

I found the Blogger Meets Brands on Eventbrite when looking for business events to attend for the day job.  The event is run by Yasmin Kurt who’s blog and events company is called The Wonders Of.  She may correct me on this; she started to blog when she went travelling to remember her adventures.  When she returned home, she found herself in the Events industry working in London.  When returning home to Wales she created the brand to bring her two loves together.

Poster courtesy of The Wonders Of

Ghost Hunting at Llancaiach Fawr

I have always been fascinated by The Tudor’s, and started my family history hoping to find that I am related to Henry VIII or Anne Boleyn.  I left high school straight after my GCSE’s, and did not get my first A Level until I was 24.  I selected History and the coursework project question was, ‘talk about an area that benefitted from the industrial revolution’, or along those lines.  The obvious choice for me was Cardiff and the growth docks area using the Glamorganshire Canal to bring coal down from The Valleys.  My love of local history began!

The Ultimate Pop Reunion at Tramshed Cardiff

Tramshed is the newest live music venue in Cardiff, which can host up to 1,000 attendees.  It is a 10 minute walk from Cardiff Central Station or the Bierkeller building in Grangetown.  It is a Grade II listed, beautiful red bricked building, that used to be the tram depot and later the trolley buses in the 1900’s.

The Grangetown Tram Depot was one of six throughout Cardiff, and closed in 1953.  In later years it became maintenance workshops for Cardiff Council’s vehicles.  However in 1997 it was given a listed accreditation as a ‘rare surviving large building from a major tramway system’.