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Wales has a distinctive culture, including its own language, customs, politics, history, and distinctive traditions. It is more than the red Welsh dragon on the flag, daffodils and leeks, and being the land of song. Wales is more than a small region in Great Britain.

Only the Welsh can Cwtch

The word cwtch is the closest thing to the English equivalents’ ‘cuddle’, ‘snuggle’ and ‘hug’.  However, it has a deeper meaning for the Welsh.

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St Dwynwen’s Day – Welsh Valentine’s

St Dwynwen’s Day is celebrated every year on 25th January. It’s Wales’ very own Valentine’s Day.

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Ystradfellte in the Brecon Beacons

The area known as Waterfall Country where an unusually large number of publicly accessible falls. Ideal for hiking or coasteering.

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Weird and Wonderful Welsh Christmas Traditions

Some of the ways the people of Wales have enjoyed spending their Christmases over the years

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A brief history of Welsh Rarebit

Welsh rarebit or caws pobi in Welsh is a simple dish but it has a rich history and legends.

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Ghost hunting at Llancaiach Fawr

The fully restored Tudor Manor which is furnished as it would have been in 1645, including guides and characters in traditional dress.

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Have you heard of Warrior Women events?

Warrior Women Events are usually held in venues in Cardiff. During the COVID lockdown, they moved online – meaning you can be anywhere in the world to join in. Regardless of whether they are online or offline, the inspirational events are designed to be thought-provoking, informative and inspiring.

Healthy blueberry biscuit recipe

Like so many in lockdown, I spent more time baking. However, cooking from scratch has been a priority for me for some time, along with trying to stay in shape. My easy blueberry biscuit recipe takes minutes to prepare, and the sweet treat will be ready in 15 minutes.


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