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Welcome to my hometown

Cardiff is the capital city of Wales. It is so compact, that it is easy to explore the city on foot, bike or public transport. It has a rich history, fantastic green spaces as well as a cracking nightlife. It is full of top quality food, drinks and independent retailers. Want me to review a particular place or establishment?

The Best of Cardiff

There is nothing quite like local knowledge. If you are looking to visit Cardiff, moving to the area or coming to the city for university, or want to know more about your local area, this is a ever expanding list and reviews.

Food and Drink

Cardiff’s food and drink scene is exciting. There are the chain restaurants, of course, but it is full of high quality local producers, and an incredible nightlife.

Places to Visit

There are so many tourist attractions in Cardiff, to suit all tastes. From historic castles, green spaces, the waterfront and even a beach.

History, Myths & Legends

Sink your teeth into Cardiff’s diverse history, myths and legends, which will take you to some fascinating parts of this ancient city.

Some fascinating facts about Cardiff

Cardiff’s history is rich, here are some facts that have helped make the city what it is today.

  • The last Welshman to be called Prince of Wales, Owain Glyndwr, attacked Cardiff in 1404 and even captured Cardiff Castle
  • The first map of Cardiff was produced in 1610, and many of the road routes are the same as today
  • In 1801 only 1,870 people lived in Cardiff. By 1911 this had grown to 180,000 thanks to the Industrial Resolution.
  • The 1927 FA Cup Final between Cardiff City and Arsenal was the first football final broadcast live on the “wireless” by the BBC – and Cardiff’s 1-0 win meant another first, with the cup going to a non-English team
  • Mass grave pits from the time of Black Death were found in the 1960’s
  • Mill Lane, now a popular for restaurants, cocktails and a vibrant nightlife used to be a canal
  • Cardiff claims to have more castles than any other city in the world
  • The first ever £1 million deal signed in the city, in the Coal Exchange in 1907
  • Cardiff was the first Fair Trade capital in the world
  • Cardiff is also known as the City of Arcades. It has the biggest concentration of Victorian, Edwardian and modern-day indoor shopping arcades in Britain.
  • The city has the oldest record store in the world. Spiller’s dates back to 1894 and it used to sell wax records for the newly invented phonograph!
  • Sir Henry Morgan, better known as Captain Morgan, was born in Llanrumney, Cardiff, in 1635
  • It’s a booming TV and film location, most famously Dr Who, Stella, Sex Education, Gavin and Stacey and a Hollywood blockbuster, Infinite, with actor Mark Wahlberg

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