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Your beauty product cabinet and style definitely changes throughout the decades. Now that I’m in my mid-30’s, I like to make sure that what I’m spending my money on is going to work for me. I want this to be a destination for tips, product reviews and advice that will help you make your mind up about your next purchase.

WUKA Period Pants

These are a ‘must purchase’. I was both cynical and intrigued to try them out, but I’m hooked.

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Looking after your Woo Woo

The girl power brand Woo Woo has a passion for feminine care, and they are bold about it.

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Patchology Rejuvenating Eye Gels

An anytime perk-me-up for puffiness, fatigue and dryness. Use after a long night or stressful week. 

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Clean – the latest beauty buzzword

Does ‘clean beauty’ mean free from chemicals? Or organic? Or vegan? Or environmentally friendly? Or all of these?

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An honest review of Birchbox

It is the UK’s number one beauty box subscription which is tailored to your skin, hair and style.

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Love yourself in a bikini

How do you find contentment on the beach? Here are my tips on how you can love yourself in a bikini.

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It’s ok to be on a diet

Have you ever been fat-shamed or ridiculed for changing the way you eat?

After having some backlash telling me it is not a good idea to promote my weight loss, I felt compelled to reply. I am not restricting calories, cutting out vital nutrients and encouraging people to damage their bodies – I am helping mine to become more powerful. I just wanted to share the joy I have got from my achievements.

The benefits of going to the pub

While we have all been able to stay connected and reconnect during the COVID-19 worldwide crisis, we have missed being social. People do not want to speak to their screens, but to faces and new faces too – and hear the stories and antidotes that come with that.


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