What birth control is right for you?

Birth control is a bit like banking – we tend to pick one option and stick with it. With so much choice these days, you should consider the options and decide on the best method for you.

contraception pill
Photo by Sophia Moss on Pexels.com

Staying Social while Distancing

We are either in isolation or in our own kind of lockdown. With fewer colleagues at work, if you are still in the ‘office’, and less social interactions, technology is enabling us to constantly talk to each other. Lots of communication happens through writing, and it is now normal to send and deal with an onslaught of messages every day. All of this writing brings us closer together, and stay connected.

woman in gray sweat shirt sitting beside window
Photo by bongkarn thanyakij on Pexels.com

National Trust: Tredegar House

Last Sunday, to get some fresh air, and a change of scenery – trying to blow away all thoughts of the Coronavirus, even if just for an hour or two – I headed to the 17th Century mansion, Tredegar House in Newport. It is a short drive from Cardiff and is a Grade I listed building is managed by the National Trust.


Thoughts from the side of the road

On Wednesday, I broke down on the commute home from work. In the busy rush hour on one of the busiest a-roads in Cardiff. My clutch went all the way to the floor and didn’t come back up again. I managed to grind me gears and get across to the hard shoulder. I only had 7% battery on my phone, after calling breakdown recovery. With only a pen and paper, I whiled away the time by writing my thoughts from the side of the road.

My Car