Healthy blueberry biscuit recipe

Like so many in lockdown, I spent more time baking. However, cooking from scratch has been a priority for me for some time, along with trying to stay in shape. My easy blueberry biscuit recipe takes minutes to prepare, and the sweet treat will be ready in 15 minutes.

Cardiff Series: The interesting history of Roath Park in Cardiff

Cardiff is my hometown, and I feel very passionately about its landmarks, history and culture. If you live or are from Cardiff, you would have driven past or visited Roath Park at some point. It is surrounded by huge Victorian houses and has always been an affluent part of the city, even if there are a few ‘dodgy’ streets nearby. Most people can say they have walked or jogged around the lake, or fed the birds – or in my case, chased by the birds. There have also been wedding proposals. It’s somewhere where you can watch your children or grandchildren play. You can hire a boat and float around the lake. Plus, the lighthouse, a memorial to the ill-fated Captain Scott, is one of the most Instagrammable locations in Cardiff.

Roath Park Lighthouse

Let’s talk about WUKA Period Pants

Ad | For my periods, I have been using sanitary pads and tampons for nearly 20 years. I think we become creatures of habits, and as we get older, just go through the motions, using what you know works to keep you as clean and as comfortable as possible. When the opportunity to review WUKA period pants arose, I was both cynical and intrigued to try them out.

When your red flower blooms, what period protection will you reach for?