Jolie Beauty Second Skin Blusher Review

I’m trying out Jolie Beauty Second Skin Powder Blusher and Bronzer. Autumn may be here, and that summer glow may be fading from your face. However, you can keep it sun-kissed and healthy with Jolie Beauty makeup.

Jolie Beauty – cruelty free blusher and vegan bronzer

Ad | As a super pale person with rosacea, I have to be wary when choosing blusher and bronzer. Finding the right one is very difficult. It needs to sit lightly on the skin, on top on any potential flushing, and so it doesn’t build up and sit in my wrinkles – as much as I don’t like to admit it, I am approaching 40. If it’s too heavy or too dark, it won’t look natural.

With this in mind, Jolie Beauty UK asked me to try out and review their blushers. The packaging on the Jolie Beauty products is beautiful. Housed in gorgeous rose gold compacts, I tried the Jolie Beauty blushers in shades Flushed and Rendezvous which have loveable pigmentation. I used the Jolie Beauty bronzer in Latte as the contour. Each compact is £14.99 each, but there is a Second Skin Artistry Bundle, where you get 5 shades for £59.99.

I knew from the moment I unwrapped the delivery parcel that I would fall in love with them.

I’m thrilled that these are now in my make-up bag. They really are the best blusher!

Is Jolie Beauty good?

Since lockdown, and working from home, I don’t usually wear makeup unless I’m leaving the house. When I do, it is only a touch here and there. The Jolie Beauty makeup blushers and bronzer are so light, and you can’t feel it sitting on the skin. It feels natural, vibrant and fresh.

When using it, there’s no fallout from the powder, meaning there’s no wastage or mess everywhere. It is also buildable if you did want a more prominent look than I go for. A little goes a long way. It also stays on all day, and you would only need to touch up to go from a day to evening look.

The Jolie Beauty makeup range is highly rated, which you can see by other reviews. On Trust Pilot, they have a super high rating of 4.9. I am not surprised, the colours are fantastic, it is so soft, easy to apply and comfortable to wear. 

As the makeup is so light, it is incredibly easy to remove. You will have no problem with your usual face wash or cleanser and toner. 

About Jolie Beauty

It’s no wonder that the fun and professional products are so highly rated. The brand was created by makeup artists who have worked for some of the biggest names in the industry. Jolie Beauty has become known for their eyeshadow palettes and striking colours in their lipstick.

Is Jolie Beauty cruelty-free?

Jolie Beauty is proudly cruelty-free, not working with any labs or manufacturers who test on animals.

Is Jolie Beauty vegan?

Yes, the majority of the range is vegan, including the Jolie Beauty blusher and bronzer. There are vegan-friendly palettes and makeup brushes too. Find out more.

Follow Jolie Beauty on Social Media

If you want some makeup inspiration or some incredible tutorials, check out Jolie Beauty’s social media:

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My thoughts…

I am thrilled that the Jolie Beauty Blushers are now in my makeup bag. I rarely fall in love with a beauty product, but I’m hooked on these. I’m looking forward to trying out some of the other products when my makeup bag needs topping up.

Disclaimer: I was gifted the items, in return for an honest, unbiased review. I only work with brands that I like and think you’ll love too!

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