Stepping Up for Dementia – I’ve Completed April

In April, I told you about the 3-month challenge I had set myself; taking 850,000 steps for the Alzheimer’s Society. Stepping Up for Dementia has been a real motivation during lockdown, getting me moving – more than ever before – and something positive to concentrate on during these unprecedented times.

Flowers of Taffs Well 2
On my walks, I have been enjoying the spring blooms

Like so many people across the globe, Dementia is a disease that I have the difficulty to witness. When I saw the challenge to take 850,000 steps over a 3 month period, I knew it would be something that I would be able to put all my effort into. It is a difficult challenge for me, but I am looking forward to achieving it. For those of you who missed the original announcement you can read it in full here: Stepping Up for Dementia.

As you can see by my daily steps below, at one point I did take my eye off the goal. Since lockdown began, I tried to fill my days with cooking, cleaning, exercise, writing and other distractions to keep my mind occupied. However, as you can see by the one week, I became completely lazy. I lost all motivation, to do anything! This made me become incredibly bored, and it was a slump I had to pull myself out of.

So far I have taken 208,835 steps, with 641,165 left to take during the challenge. That’s an average of 10,511 a day. (Wish me luck!) To keep me accountable, you can see the daily steps here:

  • Wednesday 1st April – 12,728 steps
  • Thursday 2nd April – 3,095 steps
  • Friday 3rd April – 5,374 steps
  • Saturday 4th April – 7,521 steps
  • Sunday 5th April – 1,369 steps
  • Monday 6th April – 7,083 steps
  • Tuesday 7th April – 7,662 steps
  • Wednesday 8th April – 9,110 steps
  • Thursday 9th April – 10,097 steps
  • Friday 10th April – 11,998 steps
  • Saturday 11th April – 8,616 steps
  • Sunday 12th April – 2,667 steps
  • Monday 13th April – 3,400 steps
  • Tuesday 14th April – 5,582 steps
  • Wednesday 15th April – 2,594 steps
  • Thursday 16th April – 3,041 steps
  • Friday 17th April – 1,813 steps
  • Saturday 18th April – 2,018 steps
  • Sunday 19th April – 7,835 steps
  • Monday 20th April – 6,810 steps
  • Tuesday 21st April – 9,245 steps
  • Wednesday 22nd April – 8,520 steps
  • Thursday 23rd April – 7,474 steps
  • Friday 24th April – 10,545 steps
  • Saturday 25th April – 11,493 steps
  • Sunday 26th April – 9,639 steps
  • Monday 27th April – 9,461 steps
  • Tuesday 28th April – 6,467
  • Wednesday 29th April – 4,871
  • Thursday 30th April – 10,707

How you can support

It really would mean the world to me if you could make a small donation on my JustGiving page. The money goes directly to the charity so they can help combat this heartbreaking disease. If you’ve witnessed it you know how tragic it is, if you haven’t, I hope you never do.

Charitable Donation

You can also donate via PayPal


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