2019 – What a Year!

You’ve probably seen quite a few older Millennial’s writing “If you were born in the 80’s, raised in the 90’s and have made it to 2020, you have lived in 4 decades, 2 different Centuries, 2 different millennia, and are not even 40 yet!” Scary stuff! As 40 gets ever closer, and 21 further away, I do feel the need to reflect on the good times.

Here are some of the fantastic things that have happened to me this year…


January 2019

The first month of the year is ‘Get Organised Month’. I spent a few days organising blog post ideas and important days of the year. The diary was always nearby to jot down ideas. It has helped me keep on top of everything for work and my personal life too. I also got to visit Berlin for our first trip of the year. I discovered that I love raspberry beer, in a stein of course, but I still hate frankfurter style sausages.

February 2019

There are so many amazing events for entrepreneurs and bloggers in Cardiff. In February, I went to the first one of the year, Warrior Women. All of the speakers talked about how they had turned the negativity in their life into positivity. A real girl power evening!

March 2019

In March, I was invited to the Women in Wales event by Wales Online. I got to dress up for the day, and network over a champagne reception and a 3-course meal. The annual charity event raises money for Save the Children Building Block initiative in Wales, and the KPC Youth and Community Project. Again, it was fantastic to hear from some badass business women and hear about the charities.

April 2019

The trip has now become infamous. In April, my partner and I went for a night away to Cheltenham. We drunk a few pints of real cider, with his favourite called ‘Busty Pig’. He also drank a bottle of my dad’s homebrew, and after spending £90 on an amazing steak meal and more drinks out, he can not remember anything of the trip. Thank goodness, I do!

May 2019

My friend took me out for a boozy bottomless brunch for my birthday, and we ended up drunkenly buying Spice Girls tickets, who were performing a week later at the Principality Stadium. It did lead to one of my most loved blog posts of the year; Viva Forever! The Spice Girls Reunion Tour 2019 in Cardiff


June 2019

A hectic month! Highlights included seeing my favourite comedian Rhod Gilbert, seeing Take That, and exploring Plymouth with my best friend. We ate so much fresh fish while we were there, and a lot of cider drinking. We even went into a pub called The Cider House, which only served Strongbow or bottles of Bulmers… oh, dear!#

July 2019

My most viewed post on my blog was written in July. It’s always the ones that you don’t expect to be the most significant reads. In July I headed to Steinbeck and Shaw for Christmas in July. I showed up for some festive food, fizz and fun. The evening even finished with a DJ-ing Santa, playing dancefloor fillers as well as Christmas classics.

August 2019

We bought a house. I have never lived away from mum and dad before. I love that our first home isn’t a starter home or something for now. It is somewhere if we choose too, can stay for a long time. Only big projects to do in the house now; new bathroom, fitted wardrobes to be built, paint the landing and stairs and carpet them too. We also have a HUGE outhouse in the garden which we will be turning into a pub in the summer.

September 2019


Technically, I arrived in August, but I flew home in September, I spent a few days in boring Belfast with some Scottish friends. Why do I call it boring? The drinking laws and the opening times for everything on a Sunday are so old fashioned. It hasn’t moved with the times or the rest of the UK. Plus, one of the must-see things to do in Belfast is a giant bluefish. However, we did have a great laugh!


October 2019

In October, we headed to one of my favourite places, Polperro. The tiny fishing village is on the edge of nowhere and is so small you can not even drive into it. However, it has over 20 pubs, restaurants and cafes. It’s the food and drink I love to eat too, homemade and local produce. We regularly go on a Sun holiday there, and the 3 or 4-night stay only costs us £40.

November 2019

I celebrated completing year one in my day job. I left a job which I loved and had made so many great friends, but the hours were long, and it did not pay well. I now have a slightly longer commute to work, but it allowed me to buy our home (we were able to get a much bigger mortgage offer) and we can still afford to travel.

December 2019

I became an award winner! In late October, I was shortlisted in 4 different categories at the House 21 Blogger Awards. I did not expect to leave the ceremony, which was held at The Dead Canary, with any awards. I was delighted just to have been nominated, and have an excuse to get glammed up and drink a prosecco. I can’t believe I won! I really can’t! It was for Best Feature Blog Post which you can read here: Patchology Rejuvenating Eye Gels Review

Top 3 goals for 2020

Recite positive affirmations every morning

I give good advice and realism to others (well, I think I do), but do not take my own opinion enough. For those who don’t know, positive affirmations are used to reprogram the subconscious mind, to encourage us to believe in certain things – about ourselves, what we are working towards, or other people.

Show my mindfulness rather than internalising it

I have spoken about it before. I think of people all the time, even people I haven’t seen or spoken to for years, and I mean years. I need to make a change here; I have to make more time text, message and connect with those in my life and those I would like back in it.

Get fitter and healthier

I feel in a world of the body beautiful and body positivity that this is a wrong thing to say. I am very comfortable with who I am, but my size should not reflect who I am. I need to make sure I am putting healthy and nutritious food into my body and moving more. If we are looking after our minds, skin, hair and all the other things, then the body should take precedence too.


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