Bloggers Secret Santa 2019

For the second year running, I signed up for Bloggers Secret Santa organised by Casey, from casestreetx. Bloggers from all parts of the UK enrolled using Elfster, which shuffled all the names and spat out a person for you to buy for. It can be challenging to buy the perfect gift for someone you know in person, but for people you’ve never met, it’s a daunting task! Even though we were all given a chance to add to a wish list, you do have to become a detective to see what they would like by their blog and social media.

Bloggers Secret Santa Present and Card
Bloggers Secret Santa 2019 was organised again by casestreetx

My name was also passed onto another blogger who was shopping for me. (Poor them!) I am a difficult person to shop for. I’m not too fond of things that are going to clutter up my home, am a loyalist to certain brands such as Elemis, DKNY, and I have my trusty make-up items. I am always on a diet so I would prefer not to be bought big boxes of biscuits, sweets and chocolates. Plus, I don’t even know what I want half the time, so how would anyone else?

Who did I buy for?

I was lucky to draw Claire, Steel City Miss, a beauty, health and skincare blogger from Sheffield. I headed to the Christmas markets in Cardiff to find some locally made beauty products for her to try. Along with some Christmas Yankee Candles, sweets, pink gin and lemonade, some sparkly earrings and a Welsh Christmas tree ornament, I put a few bars of soap from Cole and Co, and Bees Delights lip balm in the gift box – both made in Wales. I was sure these would be new brands for her to try.

What did I get?

The festively dressed box arrived early, it was from a keen Christmas shopper. The handmade card was a beautiful personal touch and had the message, “Merry Christmas! Hasn’t this year’s secret Santa been fun?! It’s my first year, and I’ve loved the festive feeling it’s given me. I hope you like opening your little parcel of goodies! Have a lovely Christmas! Lots of love, Madi.”

Bloggers Secret Santa Christmas Card
My handmade card from Madi, with the personal Christmas message

It was not a “little package”, it was huge! I did not know where to start when I opened it. It had 13 different things in it! Popcorn from The Foodie Market, Thornton’s Ginger Creams, pocket tissues, chocolate coins, a notebook, pens, Christmas card pegs, a spiced gingerbread candle, Simple pollution protect sheet mask, DermaV10 deep moisturising foot pack, Botanicals shea butter hand lotion, Lavender Spa bath oil and Eylure accents eyelashes.

Bloggers Secret Santa Presents
All 13 items that were included in my Bloggers Secret Santa present

I was so touched by the thought that had gone into the gifts, and I know I’ll be able to use and enjoy every single one of them. (I may have already eaten the chocolate coins while writing this blog.) I still can’t believe how all of the gifts had been packed into the box. If we both retake part next year, I would be more than happy to be the recipient again or be allowed to repay the beautiful favour.

Thank you to you both

Bloggers Secret Santa Notepad

A massive thank you for Casey and her impressive organisational skills, and of course to Madi, MadiWilliams, my not so Secret Santa. This Christmas I will be enjoying my gifts – I’m off for a pamper and some popcorn!


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