Event Organisers Day

Happy Event Organisers Day everyone! Every year on the 23rd of October, the events profession is celebrated. I wanted to use the opportunity to highlight some of the fantastic events that are being run for bloggers, creators and entrepreneurs in Cardiff and the South Wales area. 

Make It Happen

The Wonders Of

One of the first-ever events I went to as a ‘blogger’ was organised by The Wonders Of, and are called Bloggers Meet Brands. I had so many preconceptions of what the stereotypical blogger would look like – extremely fashionable, uber-glam and super young. There were those in the room, but there were also those my age and older. Ultimately, Yasmin welcomed everyone with open arms, I felt extremely comfortable, and there were some pretty awesome people in the room. I still follow and keep in touch with people I met that day, it was a brilliant first experience in the creative world.

Wonders Of

You can read my experience of my first Bloggers Meet Brands Event.

Cardiff Blogs

Ok, I have to be honest here… I haven’t actually made it to a Cardiff Blogs event. It always seems to land on a day where I already have something else booked in my diary, or when I am working across the bridge and can’t make it back on time. The feedback I have had from friends that have attended have said they have been good fun. You get to mingle with like-minded people and get inspired by each other.

Cardiff Blogs

House 21

Led by Melanie and Donna, House 21 brings women together, usually to brunch. The events are designed for bloggers and introduce you to inspirational women to energise and motivate you. The events are always held in interesting locations, and along with Cardiff, they have been hosted in Swansea, Bristol, Birmingham and London. You can also join their online community and submit blog posts for the website, and participate in the conversation.

House 21 Instagram
I’m the floating head in the background – I was very “tired” that day as I had been up late at the Take That concert

Little Birdie Events

The launch event was held in February for Little Birdie Events at the instrammable Nest 23, where there are pink-flowered swings. Lots of pink sweet treats and cocktails were also served. Unfortunately, I missed the next event held at the vegan-friendly Wild Thing café where from the pictures it looked like a full house. However, they are hosting a Christmas Market at Cathays Community Centre on the 14th December 2019.

Little Birdie Events

She Can. She Did

One of my favourite inspirational ladies online is Fi, who owns and runs She Can. She Did. She brings together truly inspirational boss babes to a panel for a question and answers session for Midweek Mingle. As well as kick-ass stories from female business owners, there is always a lot of laughs too. I always meet brilliantly busy women and learn something new every time I go to one of these events. Check out the podcast also, always an enjoyable listen!

She Can She Did

Warrior Women Events

The strapline for Warrior Women Events says it all; meaningful monthly meetups and events. Each month Stacey and Amy bring an army of women together and put forward a panel of ladies to empower and inspire, and of course, celebrate success and personal journeys. Each event has a different theme and has covered sustainable fashion, personal branding and skin-deep beauty. 

Warrior Women
Yes, that’s me taking a selfie at the Warrier Women Event held in Kin+Ilk

The History of Event Planners Day

Event planning has been around for thousands of years. Even the great dynasties needed people in this profession so their needs could be met, and great deeds could be accomplished. There was a need to plan their lavish parties, organise their household entertaining and ‘business’ meetings. Historically, event planning was seen as an extension of royalty, wealth and power. As the world has shifted, it has become an integral part of modern society. 

Today, event organisers have multiple responsibilities from managing caters to sending invitations – and as I have done far too many times, stuffing envelopes and filling goody bags. Event planners have a significant role at companies all around the world and often work with commercial teams to succeed. 

Key skills you need to have to be an Event Organiser

  • Highly organised – from planning to budgets to timekeeping.
  • Great networker – you need to be able to speak and interact with people on all levels.
  • Resilience and adaptability – something somewhere will go wrong, and you will need to be able to move on and get your desired outcome anyway.
  • Creativity – from the wording you use to attract those to the event to that eye for the little details.
  • Dedicated – there may be some long hours, heavy lifting and people charming along the way.
  • Commercially savvy – the event needs to be within budget and if this is the goal, which it usually is, make money. Some financial and agreement negotiating will also be required.
  • Leadership – you will need to take the reins, and even if you are managing the event by yourself, you will need to direct suppliers, venue and guests.

How to celebrate Event Organizers Day

The best way to celebrate the Event Planners in your life is by acknowledging their hard work and saying thank you. If you want, offer to help them out in your free time so they will not feel as stressed about everything they are organising. Or, share their events on social media so even more people can find out about it. 


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