Marketing Series: Use your social media to create more buzz

We all know that social media is a great way to promote your business and create online excitement. It does not matter what type of business you have – with or without office space, a shop, an online store or if you sell products or services. Using social media to create more buzz is something all business owners, entrepreneurs or bloggers need to do. It is one of the cheapest and instant marketing tools to get the word out there.


The biggest thing to consider is if your audience is using social media.  Chances are that they are – just do some research to discover which platforms they prefer to interact on.  At no other time in history have businesses been able to be so close to their customers at all times, thanks to the technology we now carry in our mobile phones, tablets and even watches.

Interact with your audience

The more you interact with your audience, the more likely they are to help you create buzz for items that you want to pass the word on about. The audience does not want to feel as if they are being sold too, so you need to become an authority and use social media regularly to exchange with your audience. They will be more likely to share what you say if you are there all the time too.

Use Facebook for Events

It is free to use, so you might as well use Facebook events to spread the word.  It is easy for people to find the information and they can easily share it with their network.  It also makes it look more official especially if it is linked to you and the venue.

Tease Your Audience

Send out infographics, images, and more about your product, service or event in advance of it being live.  As you create parts of your product, share it.  A book cover, a few sentences of a testimonial, some graphics and images that pique the interest of your audience will go far to create buzz and excitement.

Blog and Share

Most people do not think of blogging as social media, but the moment you open your comments up it is social.  It is also great for your SEO and analytics.  So blog about what is going on in your business and in your life, if it fits, and open up those blogs to commenting.  Ask for comments to get it started and respond to the comments to keep the discussion going.


Do not only use your blog or imagery the once.  It can be re-used.  If your audience did not follow you during the launch or it is still o relevant it is ok to revisit and re-promote.  Think about rotating or flipping the images to making them look different, or editing the content with feedback or new editions.

Get Started

Creating a buzz about your business using social media is a quick way to get people talking about your brand. It is as simple as setting up an account and getting started using the content you already have.

How do you create buzz for your business? Would love to hear your top tips or thoughts by using the comments section.


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9 thoughts on “Marketing Series: Use your social media to create more buzz

  1. There is so much good advice in here. I think engaging with your audience is the biggest one. For so long people have played the follow/unfollow game and I don’t understand why because its just numbers. If you’re not getting the engagement you’re not going to be able to sell your product to anyone.

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