January; Get Organised Month

Why is it that at the start of the new year we re-evaluate our lives?  It is something I have never understood but has been engraved into us by society.  New year – new you.  Out with the old, in with the new.  Please insert other relevant cliché phrases.


I have spent the last few months getting organised, and ready for 2019.  In the middle of November, I started a new job and needed to be prepared for that.  At the same time, I was also able to sort my marketing plan and the aspirations I have for 2019 for this blog.  Regardless if you blog for a hobby or as a professional, having a plan will keep you on track as I have mentioned before; ‘How to successfully promote your business’.  I have found that keeping a diary, and writing in it, has helped me organise work, blog and whereabouts and has actually given me time to spend with friends which I am sad to say I have neglected. 

Being organised at work, especially working in hospitality and events, has been a must.  It is definitely something I had to concentrate on and become better at overtime in my career.  However, this has impacted on my social and home life, which I had become lazy at – putting things off, being unreliable, messy and chaotic.  Not words I want to be associated with.  The skills I have are so easy to put into my actual life, and it seems so odd to say I do not know why I did not do this before. 

So, if January does have to be the annual ‘Get Organised Month’ then I would encourage you to do so.  Truly consider what things you want to focus on, and more importantly how you are going to do it.  Perhaps you want to keep your personal and workspaces tidy or want to remember birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates, or it is just a messy drawer or cupboard that you cannot close because it is crammed full. 

There are many tools you can use to help you stay organised from apps, professional organisers to an old-fashioned notepad and pen.  This month is the perfect time to think about investing in those things and getting your mind, body and environment organised.

January is Creativity Month 

For me, I will be embracing Creativity Month.  Never underestimate the power and importance of creativity in your life.  It is important to think outside the box, pick away at ideas, or follow the thread of that wild notion.  Whether it is writing, photography, design, or something crafty it is always good to be you and exhibit it in your own way. 

Creativity is an attribute that is all too often underappreciated, which is unfortunate.  As I have said before in ‘Does high school education really matter?’ the academic system stifles those who do not stand out.  This can continue into adulthood and into business, where it can be difficult to break free of those self-imposed limits.  Not everyone is an artist, but I believe everyone could benefit from a bit more creativity in their life. 

Could January become Hobby Month?

The odds are you are not far away from the creative realm anyway.  We have always done things to keep ourselves busy.  More than ever, we pursue our interests from travel to cooking, gaming to knitting and are encouraged to document and share this with our friends and family on social media. 

January is a great opportunity to become hobby month and can be done on a low budget too.  Can you take up a sport that you used to enjoy in high school?  Walk around your local area, not only will you discover some incredible scenery or places you did not know existed, you can dabble in photography or drawing.  Can you sing, or dance?  Even if you do not plan to be on the West End stage, doing this in your kitchen can help lift your mood and wellbeing. 

Am I saying you need a New Year’s resolution?

No, I am not.  If they work for you, then that is fantastic.  However, January really is the perfect time of year to refocus and set goals.  I do not think resolution is the right words.  Yes, it means to make a firm decision, to be determined and is an action of solving a problem, but it is also seen as a negative word.  We are made to feel guilty for not sticking to the commitment, or for having a wobble.

Getting yourself organised and allowing yourself to be creative is the way forward.  It is also ok to get off track without the repercussions of a solemn vow of disappointment.  

Whatever you want to achieve in 2019, make sure it is something that you enjoy and happy planning!

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