Blogger Recognition Awards

Ok!  Wow!  What can I say?!  It is so great to be recognised by a peer for something like this.  I love the genuine expression of appreciation exchanged here, absolutely chuffed to be nominated by Lipstick, Lashes and Life. 

Marketing Series: Five simple ways of overcoming shyness before a meeting, networking or an event

I am not a shy person, and I am well practised to walk into a room and introduce myself to strangers.  I have been attending business networking meetings for work for years, and often have to meet suppliers or clients to discuss their needs.

However, even like the most self-confident among us, I can get nervous.  Especially when you are shy or under-prepared, you can feel like you are embarrassing yourself by fluffing your lines, experience dry mouth or come across as non-engaging.

Here are five things you can do to get you ready for that business seminar, or the next conference, networking meeting or an event.

Marketing Series: How to become a social influencer in ten steps

As a 30 plus something year old, the word social influencer does have a laughable quality to my ears.  Especially as children are now saying that when they grow up they want to be a YouTube star or Instagram Icon. Whatever happened to wanting to be a nurse, police officer, or flight attendant?

Saying that though, I have always worked in marketing and a social influencer is just the modern word for a brand ambassador.  And the same principles apply to millennial’s.  It would be disingenuous if it was made simple and easy, but I have broken down the steps and things to consider when raising your online social profile.