June Challenge Update

At the beginning of June I embarked on two challenges to look after my nutrition and boost my weight loss before heading on holiday.

The first was a Herbalife 21 Day Challenges where I replaced my breakfast with a healthy shake.  I attend breakfast networking meetings a few times week for my day job so sometimes I replaced my lunch with the shake instead.  As well as the shake, it was encouraged to have 4 small healthy meals or snacks throughout the day.  I am not much of a snacker, and with busy schedule I could not commit to this.  Alongside my shake, I did have 2 healthy meals everyday.  Wherever possible, I cook from scratch as I hate ping meals and processed food.  One evening I made a salmon and sweet potato fish cake and served it with salad and cous cous.  Other meals enjoyed were bolognese with butternut squash spaghetti, and chicken fajitas (just without the wraps and guacamole).