Get to know me – 20 fun questions

So even though I have been blogging for years (yes it is still running, and no I won’t say what it is about – it is my little secret), and I write often for work, I thought I would give you the opportunity to find out a little more about me…

Are you named after anyone?

My name is Katrina, growing up I would get people doing jazz hands when I was introduced to them because of the 1985 hit Walking On Sunshine.  I was actually born in 1984, so I came first, nearly a year before!  It did die off a bit, but then in the 1997 Katrina and the Waves decided to take part in Eurovision.  More recently my name has been attached to the atrocities in the Gulf Coast.  To answer this question properly I did ask my mum, but she can’t remember and thinks she just liked the name.  My middle name is Yvonne, who was her midwife.  I think my dad picked it.


Where are you from, and where do you live?

I was born in Cardiff and have lived there for the majority of my life.  A few years ago I moved to Pontypridd, back home with mum and dad so I could save for a deposit for my own house.  It has been hard living away from my boyfriend, who I have been with for 5 years but we are getting much closer to becoming home owners.  To top it all off I work in The Valleys, so I travel a lot around south Wales.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I changed my mind often.  I’m still not sure I am a grown up, and am still unsure of what I want to be.  I can remember wanting to be an Virgin airline stewardess after I had seen them all walking through the airport.  I remember thinking they looked so glamorous and the thought of jet setting around the world sounded exciting.  I think the introduction of budget airlines spoilt this fantasy slightly for me.  When I started college I wanted to be a legal secretary, I can’t really remember why, perhaps one of my friends parents was one.  I went for a few interviews at legal firms but guess it was not to be.  However, I found myself working in radio from age 19 and loved it.  The radio industry changed quite a lot during my 9 years of working there, and I had found myself in a marketing position, which I enjoyed.  Since then I have always worked in events and marketing, specialising in advertising, PR and social media.

What was your first job?

I had a paper round that did not last very long, as I could not always find the house on the route and would get in trouble for not delivering.  I think my mum even drove me once when the weather was hammering down.  My first job at 16 was in Evans on Queen Street in Cardiff.  I was on a starting wage of £3.30 an hour, and was there for the next 3 years during college.  I met one of my best friends here, and we are still partners in crime to this day.

What do you do now?

I now work in hospitality, managing the sales and marketing.  Looking after a golf course, sports bar, spa, gym, hotel and restaurant.  This also includes weddings, awards ceremonies and special events.  It is very varied, and I enjoy creating promotions and campaigns for all of the head of departments.  I also get to write website articles and blogs, which I love.


What motivates you?

Outside of work I am naturally a lazy person, and very easily distracted so I do have to be pushed at times.  I try to make a list of ‘to do’s’ but often find other things to do instead.  I find sticking to a diet or fitness schedule hard.  I can also leave things to the last minute, which means I am always running late.  Sorry!

What irritates you?

It mostly revolves around food; noisy eaters or those who have no etiquette and lick their knife or set the table the wrong way.  My boyfriend is left handed and does this often, I know it is not his fault but it does wind me up.  I also get irritated by people who use big words or use too many when explaining a story or scenario – get to the point!

What do you do to relax?

Easy, drink!  I countdown to Friday nights where I can have a glass of wine.  I do have a sweet tooth and prefer a glass of rose, but will also drink a New Zealand Sauvignon.  I also enjoy curling up on the sofa in my PJ’s and watching a TV series on Netflix or Amazon.  When I can afford it a spa day or an afternoon tea with friends.


Who would play you in the movie of your life?

Kelly Brook, I think she is beautiful and has a figure girls and women should aspire to have.  I am not really sure for my younger self, think it would have to be a newbie on the scene, one of these ones to watch.

What was the last film you saw in the cinema?

I don’t get to go to the cinema very often any more.  I think the last film I saw was the adaptation of Jumanji, which I actually enjoyed.  I have heard that they are making Back to the Future 4 so I will definitely be going to see that.  I think my mother wants me to take her to see Mamma Mia 2 soon.

What is your favourite book?

Growing up I read anything and everything by Roald Dahl.  Some of my favourites include The BFG, The Twits, and George’s Marvellous Medicine.  I grew up in Llandaff North, very close to where he was born.  In my late teens and early twenties I got into the Harry Potter series, and would be one of those geeks who would keep re-reading to see if I could pick up on any clues and would be glued to JK Rowling’s website to see if she would post any additional stories or interviews.  These days I read historical fiction especially based around the Tudor period, chronicles on the history of Cardiff or on marketing practises.

Courtesy of @CardiffMet on twitter. Now a Chinese takeaway the shop in Llandaf when he used to buy his sweets took part in the Roald Dahl centenary last year.

What is your most embarrassing moment?

There are too many to mention, I am so clumsy.  Some of my recent moments have been walking into parked cars, falling down the stairs from top to bottom (this was not so funny as I broke my coccyx), or leaving a pub and stumbling.  I rebounded off the outdoor furniture before ending up flat on my back.  I only had one pint!  I drop things, I break things, basically I cannot be trusted.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Some of my little ones are getting to work on time, remembering to bring my lunch with me and being organised.  I am proud of some successful projects I have worked on and the recognition that followed them.  I don’t really have one outstanding moment, maybe it is to come…?

Do you prefer rugby or football?

I’m Welsh, rugby of course.  There is absolutely nothing, I mean nothing, better than being in Cardiff for an International.  The streets are packed and the atmosphere is always fantastic, win or lose.  The only downside is that you have to drink out of plastic pint glasses, and there is sometimes a queue at the bar.  However, I am a Cardiff City season ticket holder and have been for far too many years.  Football is my father’s sport and it is our time together (my brother is not interested).  We also go to the Wales games when we can, including the girls national squad who have been getting better and better over the last few years.

With a French friend during the Six Nations in 2012

Do you have a celebrity crush?

I like big and burly guys, so celebrities do not usually make the cut.  Give me Leigh Halfpenny, Jamie Roberts or Gareth Davies any day.  However, more recently Hollywood have been getting bigger especially for all of the superhero blockbusters.  So Henry Cavill who plays the new Superman or Chris Evans who plays Captain America or Chris Hemsworth as Thor.

On your travels, which country has been your favourite so far?

I am a massive fan of the states, and loved California.  I did this trip with my parents so would love to go back with my boyfriend and explore.  However, last year I went to Mexico and loved the scenery and days out there especially Xel-Ha and Xcaret.  Plus, back at the hotel there were all you can eat fajitas and cocktails on tap, what’s not to love?!


If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Iceland is on my bucket list, I have always wanted to see the Northern Lights.  Plus I am not very good in the heat and would love to be surrounded by all of the snow.  I would like to visit Sweden at some point too.  I have been doing my family history for some years and have discovered that my 3rd great grandfather was a sailor from Brunnby approximately 5km outside of Stockholm.  I also have a very strong Welsh, Irish and south England heritage so will continue to explore these areas.

What is your favourite food?

I have always struggled with this question.  Not because I am fussy, because I do not know how to choose my favourite.  Over the last few years I have really educated myself about food and try to keep it natural where I can and not use any preservatives.  When dining out though, I hate making the choice.  I do enjoy spicy food so Indian and Mexican are a favourite.  Of course you can not go wrong with Chinese, who doesn’t love rice or noodles?  I also enjoy a pizza, a homemade lasagne, proper chips or a roast dinner.  Please don’t make me pick!


Do you have any pets?

I do.  I have a ginger cat called Whiskey.  However, now that I have moved home with mum and dad, he no longer loves me.  Unless they aren’t home – he’s such a user.  My mum lets him sleep in the bed with her, she brushes him daily, buys him treats and basically lets him do what he wants.  We all tease that she loves the cat more than us.  He is very naughty, and definitely rules the roost.

Do you have any special talents?

Umm, sure… maybe!  Can you please tell me what they are?  I enjoy playing sport and being part of a team, but I end up on the subs bench.  I love dancing, and would choose this as a form of exercise every day if I could.  Again, I could never grace the stage on the West End.  I love writing, however am rubbish at spelling.  Where possible, I do ask someone to proof read for me.  If you every find a mistake, please feel free to tell me, I will not be offended.  I can’t sing, but would love to be able too – not amazingly, just in tune.  I also love to cook, but am much better at savoury dishes, sometimes my cakes are not moist enough or don’t rise to the occasion.  My boyfriend always raves about my food, so that is good enough for me.  I can roll my tongue, does that count…?

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